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Friday, November 26, 2010

$ykotic Quickstrike: The Streets Are Watching

Have you cats heard about this?

For all that send stuff to Cult and myself, PLEASE make sure all is well.

I HAVE KNOWN THAT THE 'NET IS CLAMPING DOWN...Bing the '12 internet and you will see.

We don't need that over here (e-fluent you good fam...but your collabs may NOT be).

Shouts to all of the other sites that got shut down beyond OnSmash that we don't know about. Hopefully the B.I. is tight so you escape the ramifications.

But now is the time for the system to penalize US for them jumping on the MP3 bandwagon and cutting their own throats. Don't be that guy who gets put on blast.



that's crazy, cause i didnt know that On Smash offered downloads. if its just streaming content, what law was broken? what, now aggregators are gonna b required to be licensed? or worse yet, required to license to stream?

i guess we gone always be alright because we are offering light on our site to REVIEW music, not to promote it. thats freedom of the press. thats constitutionally protected (for now). and we dont aggregate content in order to draw promotional dollars.

i guess the party couldnt last but so long.

it's reported onsmash caught the L for the hacked "exclusives", but since the C & D's run rampant with songs, cats should have seen this sign a mile away. That's why I been threw up that I/we need to find a way to do music, 'cause the homie e-fluent has a banging D-Block collab that I knew I couldn't post because of sh^t like this.

and the share & fire sites out there are on notice too, as is soundcloud.

i guess we gone have to lean hard on "fair use" clauses in the copyright code and have to start doin reviews. using that paradigm, u can post ur man shit wit D-Block. if he is officially on the record, he has every right to perform or promote it. especially if its his record. u just gonna have to write a review about it. that constitutes fair use. and parody. we can post these clowns shit and make fun of em. we just can't post no links to download sites for material that isnt a paid download. so we can post shit, as long as we link it to a itunes or website for that artist. and all independent shit is a go. paid or otherwise, they always give permission to post. and all songs submitted by promotional companies that ask in the email to post on the site. we should b good.

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