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Happy 50th Birthday, Graffiti!

In 1967, some dude in Philly wrote his name on a wall to get a girl's attention. My how this culture has grown up since then.

Taggin Ass City

A historical look at the origins of the 1st element of hip hop in this new documentary. Culture kicks the facts.


A LEGEND amongst legends has passed away in Philadelphia. You should probably know this name if you SAY you love hip hop culture...

The Art Scene: The Fun Gallery

Street Art? New???? Our Big Brother Samo, aka Basquiate and the crew was doin that back in the day in NY, sun. Take peep into the start of a movement.

Da Buze Bruvaz: Hard Liquor

Our favorite rap group is back making that unmistakable hip hop music. Nothin but fire. see if I'm wrong...

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Real Spit: Pimp C (RIP)

i caught this on the YouTube and i had to post it. this is real talk at its best.

too many times these corny, wanna be ass niggas get a voice. and it gets heard. 30 years late to the movement and think they have some sway. sucker ass niggas. its always the ones who the furthest away from gangsta thats always tryin to define what that is. most of the gangstas that ive seen were always men of respect, those that understood the rules and lived by them. they was people tryin to fond a way UP, not to keep followin a path down. and these dudes wanna stay down. way down.

at times, it takes somebody to tell it like it is. and Pimp C said it and did it. and nobody challenged it. cause they couldnt. its always that way. cause the bitch boys is always sayin things to the OTHER people besides they one they got a problem with. thats when u know somebody respects somebody's gangsta. for real.

RIP Pimp C. my only hope is thatt the truth didnt die with u....

Monday, December 12, 2011

Inside The Bentley Factory

there's a reason some shit is expensive...

1999 Bentley Hunaudieres Concept

by the way, this is what inspired the Bugatti...

Maffew Ragazino "Zen Master"

Maffew got barz yo...

Bboy Salute: Krylon

once the favorite choice of many a graff artist, and rarely the choice of a graff vandal (except for those throwin bubbles, or using the Ultra Flat Black, True Blue or the Banner Red, which were excellent for tags), this day we pay tribute to an animal that still exists on the planet, albeit with very different colors. literally.

pictured above is one of the favorite colors of choice of this graff writer, Icy Grape, and a few others which went into my run for the title in the early 90s. although there are many paint companies today that make paint, and really good paint at that, there are not many that come close to the high pressure dependability of the Krylon can. at night, and in the cold, i could always depend on it to behave. a few shakes, and it would get it poppin. collor would stay consistent and the pressure in the can never became uneven, even nearly empty. and in the night time, it was somethin about the colors that i could trust that when i went back in the daytime, i wouldnt be disappointed. Montanna makes great paint, Ironlak is nearly there, but there is no paint like this formula of Krylon. well, maybe the old school Rustoleum. but thats a story for another day...

all of the real bboys know the time. even if you look at the album cover for my gone, but not forgotten homeboy, B-Bill, you will see a can of Krylon sittin off to the side. even todays rhyme sayers like Meyhem Lauren also rhyme about  gettin loose wit the can.

so here i stand, tipping my hat to the tool of the trade, the colors that was sprayed on the walls that got us paid, to get the girls that we laid. nuff respect due...

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bboy Classic: Tenor Saw, Super Cat, Little John LIVE 1985

i originally caught this from on Facebook. i had to post this shit. strait up. cause as anyone who knows dancehall, THIS was THE classic years for the form. back then a lot of innovation was taking place and there was a balance between gun talk and conscious lyrics. just like hip hop used to be. but what do expect from siblings in the same family?

since then, its been a steady downhill slide. there have been a few bright lights in the darkness since, but its slid all the way down to these bleach skin DJs wearing Babylon tags pon dem torso. in those times past, that would have been a cardinal sin, and no one would have supported it. back when it all had some integrity. hopefully, by lookin at hip hop's resurgence on the internet, dancehall artists will follow suit and just release the tunes to the masses that they really want to do. they are not held into a lane of slack n more slack. let's hope that artist is reading this. i hope you'll see that we are waiting for you.

check out the style. these dudes were cool. check the demeanor. that's swagger if there ever was a way to define it. look at the fashion. all of it was homegrown. it was also during this time that a lot of exchange started taking place between West Indians on the islands and those who were migrating back and forth to America, bringing back the American style an combining it into the dancehall. and likewise, it combined with the hip hop, making some really classic records and memories. but this is an insight into what it looked like before all that.

these were those days. take a peek at what we used to be...

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Satellite Feed: The Roots: Whole Album Stream

The Roots' undun comes out Dec. 6.

this shit is crazy. the current model of the music business is made for this album. this shit just may be a superstar album. we'll see.

stream here.

Fresh Spit: Jeff Spec interview

this an interview i did with the baw Jeff Spec. as a small business owner, i can respect his hustle. and i respect the way he came at his latest project. had to get some details. maybe you might dig the conversation...

what up Spec? its been great watchin ur growth. i mean, this new album is really done well. it really has a strong sense of traditional hip hop in it. what was your first encounter with hip hop? what made you love it?

- Thank you sir. I got into hip hop in the late 80s - my neighbor had a copy of Licensed To Ill, which made me want to check out more. I got really into it when I heard artists like Special Ed, Rakim, Chubb Rock, Kane, etc. The concept of rhyming was just crazy, especially getting into it in that middle-school late 80s era, when the majority of styles people use now were being created.

as an MC, who was the early influences for you? who were the hot dudes from up where you're from was the shit back them times?

- Beyond the artists I just mentioned, I was also heavily influenced by artists like Hieroglyphics and Freestyle Fellowship, being from the west coast. We loved Outkast a lot too, the early 90s were a crazy innovative time for production and lyrics.  Around my way, the pioneers are guys like Incredible Ease, who was in a group called EQ... The Rascals had records out real early too. Moka Only, my mentor, is one of the most successful hip hop artists from Canada to date, and has like 50+ albums out... Our crew City Planners has been holding it down for Vancouver since '98, and I can say that I laid a lot of the foundation for hip hop around my region too.

album is done really well. where was it recorded?

- I recorded the whole thing on my laptop, in my bedroom, on the most basic mic that's worth using... That's Specnology right there!

who's the mix engineer?

- My man Elijah, who goes by Hajahbug, did all the mixing. It's my firm belief that the recording is important as far as getting a nice clean level and all that, but the mix engineer makes the overall sound what it is. We mixed everything from 2-track masters of the beats, which is a huge part of giving the album the unique sound that it has.  I'm not a stickler for industry-type sound, and actually try to veer away from it.

who's the mastering engineer?

- Same dude... He did the mixing so much justice that I thought it would be a good look to have him see it through to finalization.

what was the primary microphone choice for your lead vocal?

- I have a really introductory level Audio-Technica mic. It does what I need it to do! We did use a nice Neumann mic for David Morin's vocals on Strange Land though, for no other reason than I had one on loan from the big homey Moka Only when we recorded the tune.

who were the producers on the project?

- I did half of the record myself, as per usual... Also, the homies Impossible Nothing, Deezuz, Engineer, and Muneshine lent some pretty serious contributions to the project.

what is their main production tool?

It's different for everyone - I've been chopping my beats right in Pro Tools a lot of the time, but also use an MPC 2000XL quite a bit... Most producers I encounter are using software these days, but I like to incorporate some outboard stuff when I get the chance.

ur grind is real. everytime you sent me shit that i didnt like, u kept sending shit. now im recommending you to people. thats what grinding it out is all about! do you have formal training in marketing? how did you figure the game out?

- Man, that's a good question... I think I'm still in the process of figuring it out, and always will be to an extent. I have no training or education in marketing, but a genuine interest, and it's a big part of being able to continue on as an independent artist - I'm not interested in letting anyone put their hands on how my music is made, so I have to do it myself.  And you know, I'll probably make more stuff that various people do and don't like in the future, all I can do is present it and let it receive the reaction that comes naturally! But thanks for recommending me to folks, that's how the word really gets out.

and now you're on tour. congrats. hope everything goes well. and ask for ID from the groupies or them bitches thats lookin for a story or an opportunity! you put this tour together?

- hahaha thanks B.  I helped put the tour together, along with Muneshine, Ghettosocks, and Timbuktu, who are all artists on the tour as well.  The key to getting out on the road properly as an indie artist is synergy. Four heads are better than one!

as a purely independent artist and company, how do you approach touring? how do you come across tours like the one you're on? 

- These things are all built from the ground up... I've been touring for about 12 years now, and building a list of contacts, in terms of promoters, DJs, radio hosts, etc, and eventually you realize you have an extensive enough list that you can just head out and do 25 dates in one swoop, which really makes it worthwhile if you do it right.  Getting onboard with other like-minded artists and mutually helping each other is always a good look too.

who's your manager and do you guys have a business model/plan for your company?

- I manage myself. I've worked with managers in the past, but I never feel that anyone pushes me like I push myself, so it's a matter of finding someone who's as motivated as me.

how important is social media for your marketing strategy? if you had to choose, which would u prefer? the blogs or social media?

- Wow, that's a tough call.. The two work so well together. I probably couldn't make one totally worthwhile without the other! Social media is great, because it helps me get the word out to people I've met personally, and people they've put on to me, but reaching out to blogs has been really valuable too, because heads like yourself who run them are usually really into music, and your word carries some weight... That gets me out to people who may not have heard of me, which feeds back into social media, etc, etc..

what else would u like the fam to know?

- Right now I'm planning to head out with the same team on tour in the spring, through a lot of the US, planned around SXSW. I've already started work on a new record called Speconomics, for release next summer/fall, and have a couple collaborative albums in the works too.  The new record, Specnology, is up on Bandcamp 

thanks for your time. i know it gets rough on the road.

- Thanks for your time too my man, and for helping me get the word out and the voice heard. Always appreciated!

Monday, November 21, 2011


everything has been settled, worked out, agreed upon and understood. Mom dukes is good, sis dukes is a CANNON, Auntie, Uncles, even lil B-Bill is all on board. only person missing is YOU. i know a lot of Lo-Lifes have been anticipating this, as i've gotten numerous messages from LLs all over the map inquiring about the status of the project. i aint got nothin but love and respect for how you guys have displayed respect for your fallen comrade. nuff respect due.

and i'd also like to apologize for any confusion that i may have been the author of in this process. but im West Indian... when i see somethin need to be done, i move out. but it was never my intention to cause confusion. the devil is the author of confusion. and i'm god. i'm actually the one who gave Bill his lessons, in the Criminal Justice Center in Phila., PA in 1995. i hope that helps to explain why sun means a lot to me. to all of us.

as always, love and loyalty.


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Two of The Funniest Hip Hop Moments...EVER!

this is just the illest, realest shit ever... RIP ODB...

now, i looked at the title twice when i put this video up. hip hop? lil B? naww.....he somethin else. but this joint is funny than a muhfucka...

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Inside J-Dilla's Studio

yall know i love some studio shit. and this is one of those joints thats like not only dam, he got some shit, but damn, that man is no longer with us. such is the circle of life. its wild cause we startin to see now that the 1st generation of hip hop is startin to return to the essence. i really hope that all who were around individuals like this really took some time to get the history strait from them. it really counts. because as the years progress and the generation that rediscovers itself will want to know what made them great. i mean we did it in the late 80s early 90s, tracin our steps back to jazz, after it had left us for so many years. maybe we left it. but it was taken care of, like so many things of ours, by others. and to their credit, they really did take care of it. so when that happens to hip hop, let it be known by those who were there, protected by those who love it, and spoke on by those qualified to speak.

take a peek at a portion of our collective legacy. and really dig on the conversation, when they start talkin about the places and events that shaped the experience of an individual that shaped the tracks that became part of the soundtrack to our own personal histories.

feel honored to say that you saw it. here. for yourself...

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Jay Electronica-"Mind Detect Heart"

where is this dude? we all know sun got somethin special wit him. or do he? takin this long on an album is the direct opposite of organic hip hop. this much planning and doing over is not helpin things but so much. i hope sun dont come out n drop the ball.

either way, here is a air of aces i found on the Tube today. check em out. they sound like he mean it. if his album come out with a bunch of synth sounds, im thru wit sun, word up...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Gushie!!!

           to get a real ill ass view (pun intended), click on any picture for a full screen slide show...

been a while since we went into this chamber. and i got some heat. and i stole it all from the deceased Facebook group i used to belong to and cant remember the name. regardless, this is the legacy of our collective lust...

 sis is sooo fine! so brownskin, so well put together. its unclear if shes on set waitin for some actor or rapper to finish, is in the video or just a groupie waitin to set somebody up Kat Stacks style. if either of these are true and in any case, id glady go along for the ride. if black is beautiful, brown proves it. this that "as long as i get some, i'ma watch how far u go to get my money and dont mind" gushie...
i mean, who can deny an ass like that???? and on a white girl???? im no racist, but the white girls used to be boob factory issue. not anymore. they renegotiated the contract. and they come equipped! imagine walkin along and seeing this just standing in the walkway? shit, Farrakhan would try to get these digits! this  that "you just made me forget i'm a rascist, let's have kids" gushie...

spanish girls? nigga please! then been fly! and are willing to get whitegirl nasty! u know, open the backdoor for you... and sis is fine. look at the waistline. as an deserving observer of ass will tell you, its all about the ratio of waist to ass to thigh. i validate her as valeDICKtorian. all pigeon toed n shit... this that "yo hablo 'spanol por un dia solo" gushie....

fuck wit that... any of you... and she got the ratio of ass to tit right as well! as any bonafide observer of the female form will tell you, really nice ass NEVER comes with really big tits. they got this one right at the factory. this a limited edition for sure. blonde hair? and ass? she gone drive one of these whitebaws into debt... they love ass too now. this that "you need that? i'll get that! sure!" gushie...

Monday, November 7, 2011

There's Hope For You Yet...

this is a joint i caught that features Pharrell and Timbaland in their group from high school with the baw Magoo. their group was called 'Surrounded By Idiots' and this is what they sounded like before they developed their own style. its an interesting listen. just for the fact you can hear them strait takin styles from other places and eventually developing styles that others emulate now. i guess Picasso is right... "good artists borrow. great artists steal." check it out...

Friday, November 4, 2011

Torae-FREE TRIPLE DOWNLOAD! tracks produced by Large Professor, Pete Rock and DJ Premier!!!


damn... i was just gettin ready to type "underground spitta" to describe my man. but i erased it. then i remembered... that shit is becoming a badge of honor again these days. SO, underground heavy spitta Torae has a new album out called "For The Record". check it out on ITunes when u get a chance, but when my man Matt sent me these, i had to post all 3! ill shit! from three of the greatest to ever drop shit! and yall know im a critical mothafucka. shit is hot... enjoy....

That Raw (Produced by Pete Rock)
this is a BANGIN beat. i aint heard Pete come this ill in a minute...

Do The Math (Produced by Large Professor)

For The Record (Produced by DJ Premiere)

don't ever say i aint give you shit...

Thursday, November 3, 2011

When Keepin' It Real Goes Wrong

me, around '93, '94. my nigga Bill caught those Guess jeans. he caught almost 50 pair that day, all in the back of my Cherokee. Helly Hensen, DKNY, Guess, Vasque Goretex, yarn West Indian belt, white gold, and Polo cologne. we was more than just Lo. we were no one trick pony...
i was really proud of myself for puttin out my nigga B-Bill's record. if you notice, its not for sale any more. thats cause one of the family members, who was very misinformed, posted a message on Facebook condemning my right to put out Bill's music. that was Don-Lo who said that, somebody who i've known for years. instead of coming to me, he made a public spectacle of the issue. and sun, know me. he could of easily gotten clarity from me. when i met them comin thru Fairhill and Somerset in '93, i met him BEFORE i met Bill, because he was aware of my graffiti game. i was gettin it in back them times. i was aware of them from part of my NY experiences as a youth. he was fucked up when i asked him, "whatchall, Lo Lifes?" cause i aint know they was in Philly. HE introduced me to Bill, and we started rockin from there. what i'm sayin is, it woulda been EASY for sun to talk to me.

i actually got the album from Bill's uncle, Dave-Lo aka Dolla Bill, and Don-Lo's older brother. i asked for the album with the intention of putting it out to honor my fallen comrade. he actually gave me around 30 tracks that i broke down to what i thought were the flyest and that were in the best shape. that was the ten i put for the album. a lot of them are in horrible audio shape. i told him then that i might have to take a dollar or two out of the money because the downloader would want a cut. u know, those joints like which make it easy to sell music, but they just want their cut for lettin you use their service. sometimes as much as 25%. cool wit me. but sun was like, naw, that might cause people to ask about the money. so i said cool. so i paid for a monthly service, so that there would be NO deduction, and it would be easy to track the money, and get out of some tax issues. 

my whole intention was that i wanted to do somethin for my homeboys kids for the holidays. there are now Lo Lifes all around the world, and dudes is out tourin, makin money from what my man helped build. i mean, i ran wit them... but he actually was one of the dudes who STARTED the shit. i saw some of his music on YouTube, and i was like, man, let me hurry up and get to this, cause  niggas is gonna give his shit away for free. and the audio was awful. and im like, naw, i got to represent my man better than that. so i turned down a few jobs to get it done. what really lit the fire to get it done was reading his sister Michelle's comments on Dallas Penn's site, where she was blasting another member of the team. but in her comments, she was like, aint nobody doin nothin for Bill's kids. so i said fuck it, imma schedule this to get done, cause i been sittin on it for over a year. because the audio was in such poor condition, it took me longer than usual. but when his voice started pokin out, it had me a lil fucked up to hear his voice, knowin he aint around. but it made me proud to know that he still was, in a way, and that i was introducing him to a whole new generation that may not know who he is, or may have heard and didnt know sun had lyrics like that. i mean sun had spit! and im not sayin that cause thats my man. sun could really serve it. 

there are a whole lot of Lo Lifes that didnt struggle for that name like we did. part of my case log when i went upstate in '95 was a few cases behind this Lo Life shit. now, i aint mad at that. i'd never want the next generation to feel like they had to do crime to be accepted. but it is a boostin crew at its heart. so those thats not gonna go get dirty, should pay homage to those that made Lo Lifes more than what dudes did to get somethin out of a fucked up life. its now a lifestyle. shit i threw away and gave away are collectors items now. and i just wanted my man Bill to get his just due. he deserves it. plain and simple.

so, i have it no longer for sale. i really dont need any more drama after the year i've had. its been a wild ride, trust me. im built for impact, but i wasnt really ready for a meteor shower. but im still standin. and im proud that i stood for somethin.

they say there's no honor amongst thieves.

you cant prove that by me.

now air it out...

"Lo Life For Life" by Boostin' Billy 

Friday, October 28, 2011

Boostin' Billy-"When I First Moved To Philly" ALBUM ON SALE NOW!!!


"Who's Hotter?" before mastering

"Who's Hotter?" after mastering

this is it! and i'm very proud to be able to do this. i want yall to bear in mind that this is not a charity event. this man put in work, and this is the result of his work. his legacy. and we gone bless his babies because of it.

as you can hear, i really went in on making sure that the sound quality is up to par. as you can see, i got them in very bad shape. so it took much longer than usual to get this right. but i did, and now you can make sure that when u go to bang it, it's not gonna fry your ears or overload your sound set.

as you ca also see, this shit is HOT! so its not like you're coppin' just because it's the right thing to do. sun was really nice wit his. cop this keepin in mind that its a bangin album. and it's right on time for the flood. sometimes i wish he was here to see it for himself.

everyone stoppin thru, please leave a comment showin your support.

as always, love and loyalty.

Culture aka DENSKE or DEN-SKI, NPH

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Remembering Boostin' Billy

a real street legend... and a real dude...

i aint really got a lot of pictures left. from movin between this city n that city and catchin bids (havin my brother or sister go n get my shit outta apartments n shit), a lost a lot of shit, a lot of history. i had a couple of pictures of a certain r&b chick in a certain way. shots of me n a singer that was on the last Jay Z album. legendary street niggas from North Philly like Chicago (RIP) and Capase. shots of legendary graff niggas; me at the Lay-Up with LEE, those photos of me, NM, ESPO and KADISM up at ESPO's 1st are show on Prince St. so when my daughter found a picture of me in the studio from back them times, it fucked me up. brought back a lot of memories...

the music shit made me think about certain shit that i aint though about in years. see, back in the day, i had a poppin record out called 'Ease Back' that had Philly on smash. i used to go by the name Jon Doe, which was a take on the graffiti shit, which is a known unknown, cause i wasnt really tryin to rock with the graff name cause i was still activ. graff was graff, and rap was rap. at least thats how i saw it. but the photo was from Larry Gold's Studio. and i remembered that Bill used to ride out wit me on that music shit too. i fucked me up when those thoughts came back to me. i aint thought about that shit in years.

i did the album release party for the Roots when they got they 1st deal. i think that was with Geffen. that show was me, Jeru The Damaja (when 'Come Clean' was smashin shit), The Fugees (just comin off the 1st album, the one wit Nappy Heads) and it was another local Philly group i cant remember. but i do remember i was late to the soundcheck cause we had went out on a me-ah. i had a Cherokee truck them times, the Laredo, fly shit. Bill used to fill the back of that mothafucka! niggas'll tell u. we dressed that hood. regardless, when we was there for soundcheck, we had on me-ah cllothes. when we came back for the show, we was CRAZY dipped. that was the year that the DKNY shield sweaters hit, n them shits was crazy. wait, i think i had on the DKNY rugby with the brown 'Lo Leather. Cookie boots, tortoise shell with wire frames, Tag Hauer watch wit the nappy. sun had some of that DKNY shit that night too, if i recall correctly. i could be wrong. Bill had CRAZY Lo shit. reagrdless, when we got there, sun started sellin shit to niggas in the backstage area! we used to stay at them girls, so sun put me on Lauryn Hill, like go get that. i mean, she wasn't Lauryn Hill yet; she was just a fly chick from Jersey that got booed that night. (1st album was wack...yall remember...) so i caught them digits and we rocked the show. as i recall it was me, B-Bill, Duece Man and Bosco. they just chilled onstage while i rocked my routine. i got loose. Bill was fuckin wit the girls in the audience. fly nigga shit.

then i remember the time A Tribe Called Quest was at University of Pennsylavania. we jus comin back from catchin shit, n we was like, 'whats this?' i aint hear about no show, so it was fly to run into one. so sun changed his shirt and we was like fuck it, we in here. i was like fuck payin, cause i knew mad niggas, so we went lookin for the side entrance. when we got there, it was nothin but whitebaws, and i aint know none of 'em. Bill was like "let's steam this shit, sun!" i was like naw, follow me. so i walked in asked where Jairobi was. dude was like, "who?" the other white dude was like "he's wit the band". Bill  jumped right in, "we got his clothes for the show, word up", and pulled a bunch of shit out of his nappy. they was like "go right in". we went right up front and Bill started screamin "Lo Life's! what?!?" so i started too. Q-Tip came over and was like "I see Brooklyn in the house!" and we started "bo-bo-bo-bo!" (im from Philly, but my pops is Guyanese who lived in the Stuy during my childhood, so some of that Brooklyn shit is in my ditty bop). but they shouted us properly. "Lo-Lifes in the buildin" Bill threw the nigga Phife a t-shirt and sun Phife put it on and rocked the show. and this was when 'Award Tour' was poppin, so they was rockin the LO End Theory shit. we blew Ls and got at some bitches. it was a fly evening. fly nigga shit, on the humbug.

then there was the time the baw John Doe from Queens came to Dances. i forgot what song they had out then, but  i do remember Bill callin me like "sun! go battle that nigga, sun! word up!" im like, this nigga got me on a whole 'nother route. i left a fly ass bitch from Temple (i used to run thru them bitches. and they was some BAD bitches in that school. Zhane and Jill Scott was in school durin them times). so we get down there, and Bobby Dance see Bill comin and just let us in. this nigga rushed the club so many times that the nigga just used to let him in to avoid the ruckus (it was called 'ruckus' in the 90s. word to Wu Tang). we get inside and the nigga wouldnt have no parts of it. soon as Bill started statin Lo-Lifes, niggas got shook. the baw John Doe wouldnt come address the issue. Bobby Dance asked us to let the baw do the show. so we did. blew an L, and got at some bitches. real hip hop shit.

then there was the time we went down to the taping of 'The Show'. i cant for the life of me remember how we wound up down there, but i know we had wears cause Bill was gettin shit off.  i was on my 'i know niggas shit', so we went to the back door. Fruit was on post, so of course he got militant. so Bill was ready to rush the door, and its just me n him! so i start namin niggas, but shit was startin to get outta hand. so right when we was ready to set it, one of the promoters came over, like, "what's the problem?" i was like "Troy!" it was Troy Carter, Eve's manager. back them times he was throwin a bunch of shows. i aint even know he did that joint. that was "The Show", the Russel Simmons movie at the Armory in Philly. so he was like "let them in! tha's my man!" so we slide in, i gave money the peon smirk, Bill gave him the 'fddduck outta here!' so Troy take us backstage, right, we dont know who performin that night. but its willd bitches in the back. i see my homegirl Tasha, she's like Puerto Rican and Jamaican with one of the best asses that god gave to man. so i slides her back stage to holla at her, niggas is like, 'who is this dude? just walkin in and baggin bad bitches'. n i look, n Bill sellin shit out the nappy! so he get rid of shit quick, so we just chillin watchin, i think it was Method Man on stage when he was hot. but comin up the side is this big, fat, black muhfucka breathin hard as shit, wit a suit on. its this nigga Biggie! so Bill immediately started with that "Lo-Lifes! Nigga what!" so i start soundin off, cause i dont know where he directin this shit at. he lookin at Biggie! and, my word is bond, my word to my mother who passed this year, the nigga Big was lookin out the corner of his eye, like... like he was scared! i'll never forget it. my man Troy was like, "c'mon fam, yall got to calm down. yall got these white people nervous". the shit was on Drexel campus, which was VERY white (the Indians the only color u see in that school), so we cooled out and enjoyed the show, blew a L, and got at some bithes. fly nigga shit. backstage at one of Big's last major performances. real hip hop shit.

all of this had me thinkin about his music. we always did music together. and i was waitin on niggas to bring some good copies of his shit. im an engineer now, i used to work in studios in NY, so i know what in doin. Dollah Bill aka Dave Lo gave me his shit maybe a year or so ago and i told him i was gonna put it out and give the money to his babies. i think Bill's mom got the kids. but i went thru baby mother shit and with buildin the new studio got sidetracked like shit. but i been listenin to it for the last 2 weeks, and last week, i went in. it was TUFF, cause it was poor quality recordings that i had to work with. i turned down some money. but i got it up to par. so now, i'm gonna live up to my word.

so all you Lo-Lifes get ready, cause im gettin ready to drop Boostin Billy's music! i called the album "When I First Moved To Philly", after a song he made, and i think its fittin cause he shoutin out Philly shit on this joint. make no mistake, my nigga was ILL. he made songs. and on the real, not for nothin, when i got it good and i could hear his voice again, the shit made me tear up, sun. i aint afraid to say it. its still wild to me that he aint here. 'SPECIALLY now that Lo-Life shit is global and niggas like Meyhem Lauren is really bubblin, and Thirstin is killin shit. he should be here for this shit. and i'mma make sure he is. and then make sure his seeds have a good holiday this year. and not on some charity shit. this is what their father left for them. we gone show them what Love and Loyalty means. 


be on the lookout for more info. 

Friday, October 21, 2011

YO! Check This Out! Talib Kweli, Pharoahe Monch, Buckshot & Jean Grae Show tomorrow! live internet stream!

Video: Talib Kweli, Pharoahe Monch, Buckshot & Jean Grae CMJ Rehearsal
Talib Kweli, Pharoahe Monch, Buckshot & Jean Grae are prepping for a huge night of music tomorrow, October 22nd at Music Hall of Williamsburg, for the Duck Down VS Blacksmith CMJ Showcase. Tickets are moving fast. Purchase today before the show sells out:

Music Hall of Williamsburg is located on 66 North 6th Street, Brooklyn, NY.

Doors Open at 8PM / Show starts promptly at 9PM / 18+ event.

The first 150 CMJ Badge Holders enter for free.

Additional Performances by:
Smif N Wessun
Kidz In The Hall
Statik Selektah hosting a 'Population Control' set featuring live songs by Action Bronson, Tayyib Ali, Saigon, Termanology, Reks & Nitty Scott.

Fans not able to attend can log onto to watch the exclusive livestream of the performances starting at 9PM EST.

On Thursday, October 27th, portions of the showcase will also re-broadcast on &

Video Link: 


      • Interesting debate, was hip-hop the culture that "birthed" graffiti and is graffiti limited to hiphop?

            • 8 hours ago · 
            • Filadel Castro But was Graffiti "birthed" by hip hop and is it possible to have a forum on graff that's not related to hip hop?

              • 7 hours ago · 
              • Culture Livingston graffiti was almost 10 YEARS OLD when hip hop was born. and it was born in a whole different city, and thats Philadelphia. Cornbread n them was rockin to James Brown and P-Funk when they went out bombin. and if you really know the Funk Mob, they was heavy guitar rockers, not just "Knee Deep". so it was already outside of what was called hip hop when it began. so its easy to see a rock forum about graff. cause it was the same shit for dudes like Bobby Beck and T-BONE in Philly and for dudes like TRACY 168 in NY who were white dudes who were writing graffiti BEFORE Kool Herc was throwin parties in the Bronx in 1976.

                the fly shit about graff was meeting dudes like ESPO and PIZAZZ and they almost exclusively banged to rock shit. shit, ESPO was the one who really schooled me on the P-Funk i never knew, "Cosmic Slop" and all that shit. it was that type of cultural exchange that made the culture strong. it had a lot of branches to draw inspiration from. thats why white dude like BRAZE could rock so hard. if u never pieced to Led Zepplin, you dont really know how open you can get.

                you also have to bear in mind that many break beats are rock records. "Big Beat" is by Billy Squire and is a ROCK song. but wen RunDMC droped "Here We Go", it aint make a difference. that cultural exchange was already established by the graffiti writers before Afrika Bambataa and Grandmaster Flash.
                25 minutes ago · 
              • Culture Livingston same goes for the skateboard culture, which a lot of graff dudes were into heavy. it used to bug me out to see MEEZ Polo down, wit a bangin skateboard. CYPHER (DJ Cosmo Baker) too. he was the one that got us the MItchell n Ness gear back in 1991, 10 YEARS before these rap dudes was rockin it.

                i bring up the skate culture cause it seems a lot of these rap dudes is all on it all of a sudden. but by the time AL SKI was bombin LA in 1972, skateboardin was nearly 10 years deep, too. Vans sneakers goes back to the 60's. so graff writers was skateboardin WAY before there was a such thing as hip hop. dudes was ridin skateboards BEFORE there was something called graffiti.

                hip hop is the meeting grounds. the party made everybody come together as one. remember, they was already playin everybody's music. so the meeting ground made a place where everything could get recognized. Herc used graff writers to do the flyers, because they were more well known than him, and that got people interested.

                the problem is that nowadays there is no more exchange. hip hop feeds on itself for the most part now. and EVERYTHING that feeds on itself is headed to extinction. even the sun in the sky, which is feeding on itself, will one day turn the lights off of this small, blue planet...

Statik Selektah Ft. Sean Price and Termanology- "Population Control"

here's a fly tune... this shit is NICE. Stat definitely gettin nicer as time goes by. and thats how its supposed to be. thats that bboy shit. its always a battle. even with yourself. the baw Termanology sets it off nicely. i mean its some good hip hop out here if you open to it. and this'll get u open. peep game...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Action Bronson-"Cocoa Butter" feat. Nina Sky (Produced by Static Selektah)

Action Bronson & Statik Selektah "Cocoa Butter" feat Nina Sky by DCide

its an ill one! the baw Bronson is doing his thing. this is the single off of his upcoming album which drops Nov. 22 called "Well Done" (cause baw was a chef before he went hard on the music). he's a Lo-Life affiliate, and runs wit the baw Meyhem Lauren, that we featured here a while back. this joint is NICE. its kinda feeling like hip hop is back... glad i stuck around...

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Come Up-"In Good Hands" FREE Download

ok, im making a call again.

 as i go thru the web, i see a lot of good reaction to the baw Hopsin, just like i thought it would be. watch, if he keep up his work ethic, and i think he will, he gone get it, mayne. now i'm gonna make a call about these dudes.

this shit right here is fly. very well done and packaged professionally. looks like they mean it. this Vinny Radio and Franchise, known as the Come Up. these dudes are from outta Pittsburgh, and based on the Wiz factor, just may find it easy for people to pay attention. but i think when people give it a listen, it'll be a no brainer. 

the shit comes together with a consistent sound, provided by Big Jerm, in the way that classic records are made... with ONE producer. i'm not callin this a classic. i'm sure niggas in Pittsburgh will tho. i AM sayin that this shit is good. much better than a lot of the shit thats out. you know, the shit that sounds like they readin their rhymes off a Blackberry. this shit sounds like they give a fuck, and thats all i could ever ask of any artist. cause we care about music. its a part of our lives. and i dont appreciate being hustled by nobody. thats to you mothafuckas that say u only get down to get paid...

they have another thing going for them. the force behind them is none other than Good Hands Records and the dude i like to call "MR. Underground", Charlie Greenberg. you may not know him, but you know his work. he's been puttin out Killah Priest and Cheif Kamachi for years. he's also the dude that put Camp Lo back on the map. and he's the dude that kept Lil Scrappy poppin. dude know his shit. i know him because i had to give him a call one day because one of the artists i work with, General Granz, was featured on a record of one of his artists with no clearance. shit, without his knowledge! his so-called homeboy sold his verses and aint break him off! i gave him a call, and my man straightened things out without no hassle, with no headaches, strait up business. and a good dude. he hit us with a bunch of cds n stuff. so thats why i think these guys are gonna win. Good Hands is good business.

oh yeah, he's also an executive at, which is now part of the network. the same network that distributed Wiz Khalifah to stardom. these dudes is strait...

...but the music is good too. peep...

Download Mixtape | Free Mixtapes Powered by

Saturday, October 15, 2011

DMP (produced by Nottz)- "We Ain't Playin"

                                    drums is sick....

Nottz Presents DMP.

here go some fresh shit i just caught. this is Durte Muzik Prahdukshuns, presented by producer Nottz, from outta Virginia. i dont know whats poppin down there, but some of the most influential music of the last 20 years has come from outta there. now i aint makn no forecasts about these dudes. what im sayin is that they in good company. but if this joint right here is any indication, they just might be on their way to the land of fly shit. as far as im concerned, this joint is a boardin pass. peep game...

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