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Thursday, January 20, 2011


i finally got it done! man, its been tuff. the ups the downs. it seems like ive been runnin on will power alone. but to the bboycult fam, i offer this.

im gonna come on in tghe next couple of posts to talk more about myself and my crew, and what this album is. its a bit of a backstory to it all. stay tuned...

and to Capital G, i saw the comment on Grand's spot... thanks my dude... and here's hopin that ur wrong like a muhfucka...


the project is straight Peruvian blanca...

'Who Dat Is'>>>>>>>>
'What It Takes To Ride'>>>>>>
'It Is'>>>>>>>>
'Hi Life B-Boy'>>>>>>
'My Music'>>>>>>>


I ain't even happy I got a shout-out...

Can't front, I listened but I ain't purchase it just yet. Shit is really really dope.

I'm praying I'm the wrongest (is that even a word?) I've ever been in my life.

Keep fighting the good fight (You and $yk) Between the music and all that TRUTH y'all spread you truly deserve to reap the fruits of your labor. You keep bringing food for thought to the sleeping masses, they just gotta wake up and realize they're starving.

like shoutin out the dude hat keeps us up n runnin while i was gettin this right wasnt mandatory...

thanks for all that brotha. really appreciate it. and i think im gonna make it a free download for the bboycult faithful here on the site. cuz i fucks wit yall. n not cuz yall come thru the site. but becuz i aint never seen yall on no post, on no site, sayin dum shit...

listened to the first track. my kinda beat, so il save the rest for later on when i get my glass and my speakers on blast

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