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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


That's about all this rapper can do, stir up controversy like that cover art. Pearl necklaces? SMDH.

Looking at the new XXL Freshmen mixtape tracklisting, I noticed dude only has a freestyle and a short song that's already been released to the public. But cats who have been in and around the music game for a while knew this was going to come about. Lil' B will finally be exposed as a wack rapper with no reason to have the spotlight he currently has. He won't be able to put together a relevant song or project for sale because his publishing catalog has no value. None of the music he's been releasing is considered worthy of airplay and promotion. The song he did with Jean Grae & Phonte that was produced by 9th Wonder is easily his best song (because of the supporting cast, not him), but that won't get him tour dates nor a release date. Plus he can't detach himself from his "pretty bitch" image, because that's the true reason people looked at him in the first place.

Now we can debate all day about what his intentions are with this rap shtick he's doing. If this is a college thesis to prove that the American consumer is gullible, he should receive great accolades for it. But as a music recording artist, he has to make the people BUY the music, and he has no music worthy of purchasing. So somewhere down the line he will either have to come clean or walk away.

The illusion of Lil B will turn into the reality of Lil' B very soon, and it's a major fail in the making. Stay tuned.


whose Lil B? j/k only reason I know who he is is because I reside in NorCal. Last thing I heard from him was a couple of tracks "The Pack" did like 3-4 years ago. Dude doesnt peek my interest enough to listen to any of his more current work.


yo ngga, u on point with this one. what u think of ofwgkta????im feelin some of theyre shit. but lil b is fuckin whack... phonte is the reason the song is good cuz even jean grey was off beat with the dilevery...kinda fuckin sad that the first 9th\phonte reunion song is a lil b track...thank u lil b?!?!?! naw ngga i dnt think so lol and big krit is the shit too talkin b out that freshman class

Epinz whaddup?

Odd Future got some talent, but I ain't on that bandwagon ish. Done seen/heard too many "future" proclamations of rappers that never make the cut. Alotta these cats ain't built for the politics of the game to translate hype into success.

just dl'ed that KRIT mixtape so I'ma listen to what he's trying to do before I assess how Def Jam is gonna fukk up.

but Lil' B is a dead rapper most of that 2k11 freshmen class.


I feel u on that homie. They horror core Rappers that dnt realize that's what they r. Ngga really got offended when he was compared to the gravediggers!!!! WHAT?!?!?!?!

Lil b is the whackest of all times. I dnt get the deal behind the hype. Regardless of intention/reason/purpose, the ngga is whack!!!! What happend to the art of lyricsism? My god!

The new krit is classic shit imo! Him and cedric lamar r the only ones I like. I havnt paved to much attention to yelawolf other than the song with big boi. But xxl is fuckin whack to! Them nggz ruins the best collection of bloggers ever....shit is crazy....good seeing u still doin ya thing after all these years. I seen u comer on bold last shit so that's why I hit this up...

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