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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

* Re-Post* Think About It...


Considering what's happening in the world recently, I felt it would be feasible to put this thought back into everyone's mind. Again, these items can be stashed in the everyday bag....

I know y'all forgot about this song. Found it all dirty in a cracked cassette case. Spike had Brooklyn looking real good, but 'Clockers' was my movie.

I'm thinking about all the drama of hood/project life while watching 'Clockers' and I'm like we are soooo displaced from nature and programmed that it's not even funny. Hood life don't mean a damn thing in a forest. Man was given dominion over the planet and it's surroundings, and most of us have no idea how to utilize or adapt to our natural landscape.

Where you going? You gonna just start walking? How you gonna read that map? Please tell me you have a map of where you are.

The cotton in the Zippo dries out. Waterproof, light on anything matches are cheap. Fire is an essential element of survival.

A Swiss army knife that cuts through certain densities of metal. Everyone should have a can opener on them.

This cleans lake or river water. Most people don't even know this item exists. This is bigger than any shoe/sneaker or piece of jewelry out.

Most people will say "I don't need that stuff" and don't realize that you use derivatives of the same tools I posted everyday. Possess your own tools, because once these same derivatives aren't around for you to use, you have a serious problem. You should now begin to see how dependent we've become when it comes to urban structured civilization. People know more about their cellphones than they know about lakes, rivers, or streams.

History has shown us that civilizations rise and fall. Hunting and hiking will never go out of style. How do you think the people went to the next piece of land and set up shop? Pick up one of those outdoor magazines or watch the Verses channel for a minute, what they're showing you is something 106 & Park can't fux with.

Think about it...


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