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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Do For Self

ChuckyD | April 13, 2011 10:40 pm

It’s great that Bun is putting this stuff together, great way to show the people who write hip hop off that their is some real intelligent people making intelligent music, but the Lupe comment about teaching kids to grow their own food instead of math and english is just plain ignorant. Why would we teach kids to grow their own food when they can get food at grocery stores which are stocked from people who decided that they would like to grow food for a career.

Everyone specializes in one thing, and shares the production of their specialty. We don’t want a world where everyone is completely self sufficient, because your so distracted making everything you need we make no progress. Specialization allows people to dedicate themselves to biology, chemistry, or an art like rapping. English and Math Lupe? Really? That's whats wrong with our school system? Arbitrary tests i’ll give you, but math and English? Reading and Writing? Addition and Subtraction? Those are skills that every individual will need to use every day of their life.

^ Emphatic 14 15...

This is what they think. We have no need to learn how to hunt, camp, or even know how to deal with nature because the establishment has already provided haven for us via city life. These young cats don't understand that us not getting the 40 acres & a mule was a huge loss, that was our practice field to fend for ourselves. They don't see that this is the reason why we don't own farms, control food distribution, have flight knowledge (spraying the crops), or even know how to swim or own boats. We never had the land, even to build a skyscraper on (remember most cities were undeveloped land at one time). And the tomfoolery in the comment is the limitation, let someone who "specializes" in it do all of that, instead of knowing both aspects yourself. According to that commenter's frame of mind, if this '12 stuff is real, they're gonna wait for a "specialized" person to come to their aid while they wait for the bodega to open.

Did our forefathers need math & English to survive? Do you need math & English to survive the Amazon jungle or the Sahara desert? Did the Japanese need math & English to survive the earthquake & tsunami? Lupe climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, he knows what he's talking about. City laws and social requirements don't apply in the surroundings of nature.

The warm weather is coming people, go practice existing in nature, so you can see for yourself how much you rely on the establishment for water and food while you're standing in the midst of nature and it's amenities and can't even utilize them. All the things happening now should give you more incentive to try it out.


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