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Monday, April 4, 2011

Mr Cee Week

Cats are laughing at the homie.

There used to be a time when you could downplay getting caught with a tranny, you could state "I didn't know" and would be given the benefit of the doubt from the populous (naw it didn't happen to me). Eddie Murphy got caught with one, Teddy Pendergrass lost the use of his legs crashing a car with one in the passenger seat, Chingy's been alleged to have befriended a couple of them. The entertainment industry is full of members from the gay community, from the check signer to the publicist to the record crate holder.

But this is Hip Hop. In New York. Even Latifah kept it low key. Banishment is the penalty for gay ways and actions. Although Mr Cee's legacy will/SHOULD be respected, his hood pass will be revoked. All son has to do is set up shop in LA or San Fran and he'll be good. I'm pretty sure Ellen, Wanda Sykes and the likes would love to have a celebrity DJ play at parties for them. Dude could get his Larry Levan on spinning at a Perez Hilton gala.

Now the scrutiny of all of Mr Cee's past and present associations in Hip Hop will come into question tenfold. Welcome to Mr Cee week.


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