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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Package Plans>>>>>Merit

I remember when my crew was nominated for the Lehigh Valley Music Awards back in 2005. Although we didn't have an actual retail project out, we were grinding in the streets and at the periodicals to get our name out, so we figured someone saw our potential and wanted to give us our props.

Until an award representative came and presented us with the notebook.

The book contained "packages", from the regular to the platinum. The platinum package got you full press in all of Lehigh Valley's periodicals and performance time on the big stage at the awards show, basically you paid for an award. Any other package just allowed you to be there and get some shine but you were going home empty handed. So we went and performed on the small stage, an empty room with straggling people going back and forth to the bathroom. We took the regular package. We weren't upset, because we were enlightened as to what really goes on with these type of industry events. Someone has to pay for the venue, workers, food and spirits. Awards too (fyi the MTV Moon-man award is silver plated over plastic).

Once I read about this announcement, I can see why they are scaling back. Not only are there not enough viable artists to fill all of the categories, I'm pretty sure the package prices have gone up and certain labels won't be willing to pay the increases. We won't have to see Nicki Minaj win an award simply because there's no competition, and we won't be asking "who the f**k is that" when some no name wins, because after this blog you will know why this happens at award shows. Besides the rap music genre is in a decline, there's no need to focus on it by giving it maximum airtime during the broadcast. We're lucky if the elite rappers even show up anymore.

So you don't have to question why so & so rapper performed on the stage outside during or before the show, or why they didn't broadcast them receiving the award inside, or how did so & so win that award when the snubbed person had more buzz and sales. Platinum package plans super cede sales and popularity all of the time. And the Grammys are restructuring their show so that it can become profitable, not popular and fair.


they never acknowledged/ respect hiphop anyway. its just going back to the way it was before Jay-Z threw a fit back in the day. BTW if an artist goal is to win a grammy then they lost all ready.

And now you have a little better insight as to why/how they make these events happen. They must've cheesed Jigga outta his bread to make him rant...he prA'li went with the gold package...

Public Enemy knew...

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