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Saturday, May 14, 2011


This is straight bullshit. And I'm not just talking about the order. It's clearly constructed to boost page views and commentary.

Cut it out blog guys. You're killing the game with this trash.


They do it because they know that its people out there that are either dumb enough or bored enough to go through each and every one.

I thought there was supposed to be some kind of journalistic integity or some kind of standard. People just throwing that shit out the window.

the big business been killed the integrity D...

Capitalism was good in the '50s until like '99. Now it looks like sloth & greed across the board.

The lists? That shit was a cool, once a year, in a magazine type thing to come across, dissect and discuss with the peeps while blowin it down. Now it's just sheer laziness.

Can't come up with original content but feel the need to eat up space like you're really doing something? Here, have a list that's 50 pages long and so whack it should be illegal to look at.

The dumb are mostly intrigued by the drum

Garbage lists = internet percussion

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