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Monday, May 2, 2011

Study Time

There's a lot going on within the confines of our spinning orb. A little too much if you ask me. This isn't the time to be gullible or selfish, to just assume that all of these events taking place are random and just so happen to be at the same time. If this was local L.E. they would even investigate as to why the so-called events are all within the same area, using the same tactics, and they would try and find a common denominator.

I'm not gonna sit here and tin foil it up with type to flag the site, so I'm just gonna say do the knowledge to what's going on, don't just let it be told to you how it's going down.

Besides there's no music to talk about (notice how there have been minimal major releases so far this year?).


Man I gotta learn how to do that. Say something without actually saying it, that is. I usually just freely say exactly whats on my mind but nowadays since "them people" be watching its probably best to tone it down.

speak on it baby! shit, we prolly got that one eye on us anyway. red list like a muhfucka. just dont say nothin thats legally incriminating, such as treasonous or seditious statements, (because we are patriots), or those that collude or advocate violence to anyone on the basis of race, religion or sexual orientation. all of those are federal crimes and under the power of the federal agency now patrollin the web, Homeland Security. we can still make political statements and opinion and are still lawful in our dissent toward policy and political agendas, as protected by the 1st amendment to the constitution until it gets suspended by martial law, or the North American Union actually comes into power and does away with the Constitution altogether.

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