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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

$ykotic Quickstrike: Round Table

Has anyone else noticed that it's already June and the major rap releases are minimal? Have you also noticed that most of the pushed back albums of last year (Jeezy, Game, Wayne) are slated for late summer/early fall? What happened to the summer? You know, the time when most of the demographic (the youngins) are home with residual income to spend and have pretty much nothing else to do but go to free park performances and shows at dusk? Why is there nothing promoted to coincide with this yearly event? Summer Jam happened in the springtime.

Personally, I think that a lot of rappers have lost their jobs (see my rap recession blog down the page) and we don't know as of yet, as well as the labels are bleeding red because of rap and they're concentrating on other music genres to push during the summer season.

What do y'all think? Because even though there's a lot of rap music being dropped on the 'nets, there's hardly any being released on the retail shelves. And to me this is a sign that something ain't right.

Speak on it...


Rappers gotta figure out how to do it themselves and quit depending on these labels to feed them like most underground artist have been doing for years.

The internet levels the playing field somewhat.

If you aint making no techno sounding bullshit then radio aint fuckin with it. Thats why Pitbull and Florida are winning (financially) right now.

The internet levels the playing field somewhat.

I would have said this early on, but with ad space and infringements running rampant, a lot of these sites are in corporate pockets now. Like how does this chick from the White Girl Mob immediately get a check for a millie and appear on XXL so quick? That ain't 'net buzz that's astroturfing. Like is it really because none of these rappers have a song, a single to be released now to gain the summer momentum so Kreyshawn is the hottest thing since sliced bread?

It ain't ordinary brah. Something ain't right...

Yeah I find it interesting too how they can just throw her a mil when they're far more talented MC's and rappers out there (even other white girl rappers) thats been trying to get on for years thats not even asking for a mil they just need the major label support.

They know that shit gonna sell though . Her video blew up on youtube. Sony,XXL,and MTV just riding the wave. Smart move by her dropping that (mini) mixtape the other day. Bet you they mold her as a Kesha type with an urban edge.

Its just more of this.

Krayshawn? or how ever you spell that shit isnt even close to her real name. How she come up with that?

Not to mention the ever so free use of the N-bomb by her and her sister (more so her sister but still). Shits crazy because the N-bomb does get used by damn near every race in the NorCal region like how she explains it. Even though I've been a Westerner for approx 2/3rd my life im originally from the South. Some off brand tryed that with me once and I flipped.

I dont know if its lack of self respect or either they where not taught black history or they and they parents just dont care but that is definetely a problem in NorCal. I dont see how black folk outthere condone that. All I know is that shit wouldnt fly down south. Off brands wanna call each other that cool, but dont come at me that way.

you was on to something....nice scope

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