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Happy 50th Birthday, Graffiti!

In 1967, some dude in Philly wrote his name on a wall to get a girl's attention. My how this culture has grown up since then.

Taggin Ass City

A historical look at the origins of the 1st element of hip hop in this new documentary. Culture kicks the facts.


A LEGEND amongst legends has passed away in Philadelphia. You should probably know this name if you SAY you love hip hop culture...

The Art Scene: The Fun Gallery

Street Art? New???? Our Big Brother Samo, aka Basquiate and the crew was doin that back in the day in NY, sun. Take peep into the start of a movement.

Da Buze Bruvaz: Hard Liquor

Our favorite rap group is back making that unmistakable hip hop music. Nothin but fire. see if I'm wrong...

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bboy Fresh (?): Reebok Kamikaze III

i havent said this in years. but i think i wanna say i want some Reeboks. i can rock these. i think i can rock these well.

if u dont know, these are the collaboration joints with Swizz Beatz and Reebok, the Kamikaze III. i think these will rock good in the fall. i dont know, sun. these is kinda alright...

Bboy Fresh: Adidas Country

these are my shit. as u can see, im a fan of clean lines, classic color combinations and refined styles. and these are it, fam. these joints are murder wit the denim, the linen shorts, fatigue shorts, all that. these even flam in the fall, sweatshirt or ill cord sweater with the denim. plain fitted (cant rock the snap back), nice watch, chain tucked in... thats how u attract a certain type of female, sun.

peep the all leather joints.

bboy fresh.

bboy cult.




Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bboy Breaks: Head Hunters "God Make Me Funky"

if u dont know this, or have never heard it, i question everything about you...

9th Wonder beat (reject from Black Album)

shit, this sound better than a coupla joints that made it. i can hear Jay on that all day. what yall think?

Satellite Feed: Hopsin (Tyler The Creator dis)

i caught this yung baw Hospin on the web earlier. and i got to say, the baw is nice. baw disses Tyler The Creator in this joint, and goes in on other MCs wit the same borrowed ass flow. i mean, we can say that baw offered a diss to Tyler cause, i mean, shit, Tyler got 16 and a half MILLION views on YouTube right now (thats 14 million more than Fabolous) and it makes sense to grab that audience. or we can (or i can) say that he has a point with the shit he's sayn. i mean, even Tyler says his shit is random, that it doesnt have a meaning. (whoever's their media coach needs to get fired) so whats the problem if someone else says it?

the baw got nice wordplay. and i took a few to check out some other shit on their site. some of it is Eminemish, but shit, Eminem dont sound Eminemish these days. but they say some bold shit, startin wit dissin Timika Wright, Easy E's widow, who runs Ruthless. (i think he was signed to her). and it seems they was on a couple of tv shows. they seem to have a good support system, and are already doin dates in Australia. looks like they might be around for a minute. we'll see. Cult usually can pick 'em. i'm tryin to get into my old My Space account to get to the messages i was sendin a then unheard of Nikki Minaj. she called me cute. she's very observant.

give em a listen. or slash em in the comments. we dont really care about being polite around here. we're really tryin to build a place where we can talk about it. vamos a rapiar...

Friday, July 29, 2011

BBoy Salute: BC Bud

“BC Bud is a generic term for several varieties of potent cannabis grown in the Canadian province of British Columbia. The term has almost become a brand name, especially in California, Oregon, Alaska, Idaho and Washington, to where most of the province’s cannabis is exported”.

this is some good shit. nice, even and mellow. the aroma is outstanding. and itll set u back like 5gees a pound. well, thats what i hear anyway...

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lickety Split

ladies, dont shy away from this because of the picture. you might find this interesting...

its not enuff that dogs like u and me are sittin here pantin for Asia B. theres a couple of cats out there purrin for baby as well. i aint mad at that. what struck me is the other day during the gay marriage protests in NY, a gay man was protestin the right to marry because he said the gay lifestyle has become too much of a fad. good thing im not a trendy person.

but it got me thinkin.

i see a lot of yung bucks out here, the yung girls i mean, wit the shaved head or a crew cut, wit these big ass titties, and a stroll thats colder than winter in Alaska. and i cant help but to wonder where they daddies at.

a lot of it, as i see it, is like the gay guy said. the bandwagon. but then i cant help but to think that alot of these lil girls seem to put on the masculine role thats missin in their life. they look to be the man that they desperately needed to feel what it feels like to be loved. but to feel SAFE in that love and not feel as if they're being preyed upon. cause us dogs lookin for whatever we can get a leg up on. and girls need to feel as if there's more to appreciate about them than sex. cause if they grow up feelin thats all they're worth, then they establish that pattern in their lives. thats good for us lookin to get laid. but as a single father of a lil girl, i cant help but feel this to be a strong part of the duty of 'father'.

i've also noticed that thru the years, that any chick that will call u daddy while lettin u smash is torn in the same place. shes lookin for the love of daddy, but has no precedent for what that love is supposed to be. so it also becomes a sexual expression, cause she dont know how to love no other way. this is why the ones who turn out call pimps 'daddy'. cause not only is he gonna give her the sexual authority she creates in her dysfunction, but he's also gonna give her the discipline she really craves. and he's gonna let her disappear right in front of our eyes into a role made of pure fantasy, one thats made to manage her dysfunction, not to cure it. thats why pimps beat on chicks. because if he dont, shes gonna find somebody else to manage her dysfunction properly. shes gonna find somebody to beat the livin shit outta her. cause in her mind, she NEEDS it. if she doesnt get it, then she thinks he doesnt care. she doesnt think he's 'real'.

i cant but help to look at these chicks that say they're gay with one eyebrow up like The Rock. cause i done smashed a couple. not them dude lookin jawns, cause thats not attractive, not to me (i know some of u dudes who used to lust after them WNBA chicks). but the feminine jawns who swear they dont get split. i knew a couple who was stone cold whores in the strip club, and would go back to the suburbs they drove in from, and play lesbian all week. she used to say it like that. "i'm a dike in the hood." and she meant it.

if u notice its always these dike chicks in the middle of some confusion. there always seems to b some sort of drama followin these bitches around. my personal theory is that a person can charge the air around them. thats why some bitches will see a dude and just get a feeling. or u lock gazes wit a chick and it feels like somethin is passin between yall. all matter is made of positive and negative charges that make the atoms that make the particles that make the fabric of this reality. and i say the individual can charge those particles to send a positive charge or a negative one. u ever just not like a nigga? he just have a bad vibe about him? u have ur back turned to the door, but just feel a way when somebody walks in. u turn around and look, and u see some knuckle head ass nigga wit that trouble strut? or those females that just feel like they're sucking ur energy with their negative circumstances? thats what i mean. these people are chargin a negative current to form around them. its an energy you can feel. and thats what i say about these bitches. they stay in a state of confusion. confusion in its default state is negative, because when an individual is in such a state, they usually choose negative reactions to new problems they encounter. because they foster the environment for their dysfunction to grow, years later, it becomes so comfortable, so ingrained in them, that it can cause nervous breakdowns and shit when they have to confront a reality that is unreal. it was all fictitious, right down to the personality they created, which is usually the name of a man. its no different when that so-called 'has it all together' chick throws all types of shit into the relationship when ur tryin to show them that u really are the man u say u are. cause they lookin at u like, 'my own daddy couldn't love me. how can you?'

so when my daughter says, "look at me, daddy!" i do. i tell her whenever i can that she's pretty, but being smart is better. i dont let NO ONE supersede my authority in front of her, my mother and older sister included. i alert dudes to their disrespectful antics and scream on em if they continue to do so. im not prepared to die for her today. im prepared to die for her RIGHT NOW. she's safe. and she knows it. daddy's on the job.

and i dont clock out.

now air it out...

DJ Cosmo Baker

Southern Hospitality - Twelve 12's - 2009 from Cosmo Baker at

Southern Hospitality - Twelve 12's - 2009 from Cosmo Baker at

"So I did a mix for my friends in the UK Southern Hospitality. They have a great series where they ask their fellow DJs to do a strictly vinyl set, aptly entitled "Twelve 12s" where you drop twelve 12" singles. I jumped at the chance to do it, since playing vinyl is always more fun and more satisfying than anything else. However, since I recently moved, I had most of my vinyl up in storage! However, avoiding the epic fail, I pulled out a dozen hot plates for me to whip this mix up. I had fun and hope you enjoy it. Also, give me credit for trying to write this copy and avoiding any euphemisms whatsoever!"

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bboy Salute: Power Man and Iron Fist

heads know the worlds first interacial crime fightin crew. oh wait, thats The Green Hornet and Kato right? yeah, well, none dropped thugs in alleyways like these two.

Luke Cage was the baw. he was big, black n mean, but he gave a fuck. but he gave a fuck for a buck, as his business was "hero for hire". and it always came off like he was the leader. the story lines was always more closely related to real shit, and not too much of the other wordly adventures of some of my favorites. regardless, these two got it in.

the series didnt last, but a few times they made it to some of the big shows in the Marvel Universe. and i always appreciated seeing them there.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pharrell's Rack-No Homo

i really like Pharrell's work. i think the baw, along wit Chad,( lets not leave him out) make some real incredible music from a real place. its like you can hear the Tribe in it, the JB's, the Primo. you can hear that they're crate diggers, that they have a vision of redefined, classic music. whatever the genre. they are to me the extent to which our form should be at. in front of the world, with the greatest of the elements intact... STYLE.

a lot of what production is is what u take to achieve the sound. and even tho we could tell they was usin Reason sounds, it just wasnt the same when u found that snare and was like 'thas Pharrell shit!' but wasn't really sure. well, this is the rack sun uses to produce music. and a lot of this shit is CLASSIC shit! see, classic sound comes from classic studio shit. thats where part of the appeal comes from. if ur shit sound good, make it sound better. make it sound right. get it mixed and mastered. i always question anyone whos not willin to invest in themselves.

now if u look at whats in this rack, you see the classic LA 2A compressors, underneath of which are the classic 1176s. but here's where we see the Primo influence 1st hand. way at the bottom are a pair of dbx 160 series compressors. this is the snap in Preems drums. that and the MPC60 (not the 2000, 2500 or the rest, cause the 60 is 12 bit, not 16. it's a grittier sound) makes the signature DJ Primier drum sounds. across from it is a real Pultec eq, the tube monster that gives the incredible bass. its out of production, so it has a hefty price tag. like a $8,500 price tag. feel that. see what self investment does? in their case, make them Producers of the decade, 2000-2010, according to Rolling Stone magazine.

the keyboard is an ASR 10, and i used to have one.

and i sold it.

cult wit the dum out...

on top are Roland and Korg sound modules. to you soft(ware) niggas, these are the equivalent of refill packs in Reason and Logic sound libraries. they used to come like this. you would be amazed to find out how much more life like sounds are comin out of these. the joint on top of the rack, imma keep to myself, cause i want one. i told u this much. i can be a lil selfish. regardless, the ASR is the secret to those almost offbeat soundin drums Pharrell does. you know why? cause the sequencer SUCKS. its awful, yo. but you see how baw turned a negative into a positive?

feel that...

Bboy Salute: Ninja Man

anyone who knows the classic dancehall knows who this is. Desmond John Ballentine needs no introduction. he is the one and only Ninja Man.

"Murder Dem" will alwas be one of those songs from a classic tme in dancehall reggae. i mean, that scene looks like the rap scene these days. nah, maybe a lil worse. maybe a lot worse, cause they almost extensively deal wit slack. this nigga Vybez Cartel is proudly singin bout bleachin his skin n shit. back these times, the dance was ablaze wit groundbrakin acts and some of the most classic riddims ever.

for me, Ninja will forever be that baw, who when clashin wit Shabba Ranks, who brought his son, said, "Look... de eedeyot teach de dunce". that was an all-time moment that will forever characterize a time that i think will never return to de dance.

he was addicted to crack, so he of ccourse fuckd his career up. but the people loved him. right now, the baw lockd up on a murder beef. i guess his signature song is more than just lyrics...

Monday, July 25, 2011

BBoy Salute: Hammers

all my D boys know the time! these were the official issue back when the crack game was insane. i looked and i searched, but i could not find a Volvo with these on 'em. cause if you remember, they really looked boss on them cars. Mercedes came out with Hammers on the AMG models of some of their cars, but these joints, with the chrome shinin and the wheel turnin was the signature of success in the hood. at least in ours. respect to the trendsetters of yesteryear who kept us lookin right while doin wrong...

BBoy Salute: Mercedes-Benz G Class

ive been in love wit this truck for a while. i hustle hard, but i aint seen it like this yet. i will tho. this joint is just so fly to me. that International feel, coupled with a quality brand with a rock solid reputation makes it all that much easier to justify the $100,000+ that this beauty will set you back. but it's highly capable and functional. it will ride in the outback of Australia and on safari in Africa, thru the mud and brush of the Amazon, and still pull up to the celebrity fundraiser lookin like class. your Escalade will fall apart under that pressure. all of it.

382-hp 5.5-liter V-8 engine
7-speed automatic transmission
4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive with three locking differentials
So well-equipped, no options need be offered

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bboy Fresh: Spyder

now THIS is real ski wear. you will hot up the place, any place, u step in rockin this shit. not only is it fly, but functional. waterproof, tear proof, all that. lookin good is a bonus.

the other day i was at the big homie Dallas Penn's site n saw a feature on the Lo-Lifes, featuring Mayhem Lauren. being a Lo-Life(retired), of course i had to check it out.

pictured on the page was a dude who was draped in 'Lo, Snow Beach line. (above) even tho i respect what sun had to do to gee that shit, (if he did), i cant fuck wit it cause it looks cheap to me. Ralph only came thru wit a couple of winter pieces that was worth the bother. his specialty is really on the casual wear, and the Purple Label shit is exquisite. thats a post for another day. but when suns got draped fpr the wweather, we did it like this. the Snow Beach line ain't fuckin wit this. this shit is OFFICIAL ski wear, not a version of it. when u compare construction and quality, its really no contest. we did this, and a couple other winter wears that was CRAZY. i got em droppin later this week. let me put yall up on game.

its really hard to fuck this up sun. black Nike ACG boots, ANY color, kind of denim... lets go green...

this fly guy shit. couple a you dudes wouldnt be able to pull this off. any flavor of blue jeans, i'd go wit really washed out, baby blue whatevers, 'Lo Cookie boots (in tan leather, of course), and freak it with a bright orange or tangerine hat. speakin bout hats...

this is the ill shit for a Caribbean nigga like me. wit the Spyder on these hoes! imma wrap you up, bitch! dont you know i'm known on the web? AY $YK, PEEP THIS ONE...

it like a crown, lord! this shit will have them peekin at the stylish brotha that just stepped into her line of sight. fresh pair of aviators... that would b fly... (get it?)... squeeze this orange...

just smooth shit. peep the grey...

with the accents...

i guess the case has been made. and make no mistake, this is shit we was rockin in '93. this shit is STILL fly. get hip. LL forever. RIP Boostin Billy forever...

Club 27

27 by _M_I_A_

this is an unreleased M.I.A. track that speaks on the infamous Club 27, which is all of the performers who have tragically died at this age. its amazing sometimes to see the synchronicity of things sometimes. sometimes its downright tragic. one only hopes that in a bid for greatness, for legendary status, that this isn't an intentional decision in regards to none of them. because all of their deaths are results of self inflicted circumstances.

members of this club also include Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, River Phoenix, Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones and now the late Amy Winehouse.

M.I.A. says that it is a song that she previously recorded and never finished. i guess it's fitting. their lives weren't either...

Bboy Classics: The Pimp National Anthem

it really dont get no simpler than that. go to any ho stroll, or any bar where them pimps congregate, you will definitely hear this. dont ask me how i know...

all i can say is that them 70s dudes had a whole different kind of cool. it was noble and meant somethin. these so called players throw their lives away on utter bullshit. there is NO honor in that. but thats a rant for a different day. today, enjoy this jam and the feeling that it brings you...

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bboy Classics: Summer Madness

its hot as shit! so here go somethin cool...

Kool n the Gang, that is...

Amy Winehouse Found Dead At Age 27

Troubled British singer Amy Winehouse has been found dead at her flat in north London, police said. She was 27 years old.
The Grammy award-winning soul singer struggled with well-documented drink and drug addictions. Her death is being treated as unexplained.

Police were called by London Ambulance Service to an address in Camden Square shortly before 4:05 pm (1505 GMT) today, Saturday 23 July, following reports of a woman found deceased," a police statement said.
"On arrival officers found the body of a 27-year-old female who was pronounced dead at the scene.
"Enquiries continue into the circumstances of the death. At this early stage it is being treated as unexplained."
London Ambulance Service had been called to the flat at 3:54 pm (1454 GMT) and sent two ambulances.
Winehouse rocketed to fame after winning five Grammy awards off the back of her 2006 second album "Back to Black" and the hit single "Rehab".

In the run-up to her live return, Winehouse spent a week at an addiction treatment clinic in London, reportedly at the suggestion of her father, Mitch, over concerns that she was drinking too much before her shows.
But Winehouse pulled out of her European comeback tour following a disastrous opening performance in Serbia on June 18.
She was booed at the performance in Belgrade, as she appeared to be too drunk to sing.

Some 20,000 people gathered for the highly-promoted concert at the sixth-century Kalemegdan fortress, but many soon left.
During the concert, which lasted about 90 minutes, Winehouse could only mumble some of the lyrics, failing to follow her band.
Winehouse left the stage twice, with many fans showing their displeasure despite her band's attempts to calm the crowd.
She had also been scheduled to perform in Istanbul, Athens, Bilbao in Spain, Locarno in Switzerland, Italy's Lucca festival, Switzerland's Paleo Festival in Nyon, Nova Jazz and Blues Night in Wiesen, Austria, and Poland's Bydgoszcz Artpop Festival.


is that a...?

checkd out my dude Tony Grands yesterday and saw this.

this nigga got on a blouse.

i dont really need to type nothin else...

Friday, July 22, 2011

International Player

id like to thank all of yall incoming from Russia this week. its so cool to have yall rock wit us. keep coming thru.

and to all my folks in China, Ni Hao! glad you are all rockin wit the best.

thanks for comin thru. please feel free to do so anytime...

BBoy Salute: Too Short

say whatever you want to, this dude was the shit, some where, to somebody. shit, i used to hate his too simple, no goose pimple raps. but when u start to live that street life, his music takes on a whole nother meaning.

i dont care what nobody say, when East Coast niggas was making up all kind of beautiful sentences about mostly imaginary stuff, Too Short was busy droppin real street shit. when u know the game of pimpin, then u know the shit he speaks on is bonafide truth. and it was the truth from way back then. dude was spittin real game. and he deserves to be recognized for that.

also, when the topic comes up of the innovators in independent rap music, Short and dudes like E-40 somehow get passed by in the roll call, even tho these dues was livin crazy comfy BEFORE any deal from anybody. they say the baw 40 Water had all types of real estate before anybody even heard of him over here, gettin money. all shit from independent sales. these brothas need to be recognized for that. whether u can relate to what they spit or not.

i heard it said that women want attention. all a player really want is a lil recognition.

give 'em some...

Watch The Hook...

Otis feat. Otis Redding by watchthethrone

i got mixed feelings. on one hand, i like the way they just concentrated on the lyrics. stripped down, not a whole bunch of effects. its a good look for puttin that boom bap back. not that its superior. thats just the shit I like. but when i wanna roll official to some of that down south, i gets with that MJG n 8Ball. (moreso MJG cause the baw WILL say some fly shit...)

but i think its a bit noisy. the vocal in the sample i think coulda been rolld back a bit to let them breathe over it. and i think it changes kinda awkward. hey, im hip hop. we always got an opinion.

good album cut. great? ehhh... shit, 'Ye was runnin thru better shit than this in that scene from Fade To Black.

just an album cut or an idea of whats to come?

whatchall think?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Gushie!

now i'm no fan of women who to me display male characteristics. cant stand it. i question guys who do. like you'll never see Serena Williams in The Gushie cause of the shoulders and the jawline. too much man. cant rock wit that. so thats kinda how i felt about this chick. not physical characteristics, but her ways n actions. then i seen this and i was like DAMN!!!! i did not know she had it like this. yall prolly dont know who this is. i didnt when i saw the pic. it's Shawna, the female rapper who used to run wit Ludacris. I know! thats what i said!

this that 'them pants was baggy for a reason'' gushie...

this here is a random chick from Philly that i saw on the web. my man knows her or some shit. one thing we can count on, is that its all real. sis is special. pretty and built like this. like, this is the way these model chicks in these videos need to look like. cause i dont know if im buggin, but it seems the quality of gushie on set is in decline. it b too much jelly in them thighs! that shit 'posed to be in the ass parts! that aint fly. but this? this is what Nikki and all them surgeon assisted sisters been tryn to imitate and emulate. and as usual, and without the pleasure of havin actual knowledge in regards to sis, the natural always tastes better.

this that 'dont tell nobody i licked your asshole' gushie...

white girl salute! i been sayn it for a while! get ur shit together melinated marmalade! white girls is on a rise! i dont know who she is. who cares?

this that' white girl salute! i been sayn it for a while! get ur shit together melinated marmalade! white girls is on a rise! i dont know who she is. who cares?' gushie...

Satellite Feed: Beyonce-"Party" featuring Andre 3000

man, i fux wit this! this reminds me of that classic 80s RnB. this shit is fly.

Three stacks verse is not really that inspired. its almost corny in some places. but it stays on course. Be is of course flawless, as she goes back to the style that made her great. it's an amazing thing to me; just like Michael Jackson, they both went to more pop music when it was the black music that made them great, made them superstars.

i'm not limiting any artist's vision. but both of them just didnt sound as powerful when rockin to that pop shit. 'specially Beyonce. her voice is too good, too powerful for the bubble gum shit. i know she aint no diva, but let Rihanna have that, ma. you good where you at. she's popular. but you're on your way to becoming a LEGEND.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bboy Salute: Nike Cortez

aka Forest Gumps

it amazes me that a lot of yungbaws never even heard of these, but they swear they know 'throwback' sneaks. these were the classic Nikes WAY before the Air Force One. and they are almost as versatile. in all white leather tho. and the brown leather joints are monster in the fall. but these are the originals. even the nylons (below) get fresh with certain shit, and extra fresh on some everyday errand shit. if you ain't, get hip...




BBoy Salute: Tascam Porta Studio 4 trak recorder

real heads know. this lil baby is even a sweetheart to my rock n roll dudes, who used this trying to trak SOMETHIN to get that creative shit outta them. it bothers u when theres somethin bottled inside you and you wanna get it out. sometimes it's hard to do. until somethin comes along and makes it that much easier for u.

this was that thing. i used it as a sequencer, laying tracks down from the Gemini sampler we saluted last week. i used metal tapes, which were quieter (less hiss), and seemed to me to pop less. i made some bangin tracks on this. ahh, the memories...

this was like DAWs (Pro Tools, Logic) are today. this was the equivalent (loosely) of recording in a large studio. because you had at your disposal the means to multitrack. which means u can make each sound as lively as it needs to be in order to translate to the listener. this gave the lil guy a fightn chance. and we loved them for that. Tascam was a brand we supported for years, until the advent of Pro Tools. its been a wrap since then.

But we aint forget... not all of us...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bboy Battle: Boyz In The Hood -vs- Menace To Society

who could forget this? people comin out of the movie theatre, girls cryn, dudes mad, moved, hurt. it really did somethin to a generation of folks. i mean, not to many movies has had this type of affect on people. it really has become a definitive work regarding a bygone generation.

Memorable Moment: "Put the gun down, son. Be a man." "I'm a man without it" wait... wrong Cube movie..

Memorable Moment: who can ever forget when Ricky got shot?

this was the shit! starring petite redbone Jada Pinkett, back when redbone MEANT somethin, jack. it unfortunately also had a whole bunch of dudes carjackin niggas. i remember me n my man helped this dude that was layed out in the middle of Allegheny Ave.! he was barely conscious, tellin us somebody took his car. so we drug him to the side of the street so he wouldnt get rolled over by a car, we called an ambulance, and left him there. shit, we wasnt takin no chances! dude coulda woke up n blamed us! i know a coupla dudes who got cased up like that. fuck that!

Momorable Moment: "It's Pinky, mothafucka!" whoops! wrong Clifton Powell movie...

Memorable Moment: when Kane disses sis who says that the baby is his, n her cousin comes lookin for Kane, the way homeboy crosses the street will always n forever be some funny shit! for a person tryn to b lowkey, baw drew all type of attention to hisself. classic hood movie moment.

so which one is the best? which one is really that CLASSIC shit? if u had to choose to watch one, which would you pick?

Bboy Salute: The Sub Mariner

here's another one for the true comic bookies. if u really messed wit the comics, then dude is no revelation to you. for some reason, this dude has special place in most comic bookies hearts. his whole swag is like, I'm that baw"! cuz he was.

Prince Namor (the Sub Mariner) was the king of Atlantis (why they always called him PRINCE Namor is a bit of an enigma), and he waked around like he owned the place. he aint really have no special powers, i mean he could breathe underwater and had some strength about him (walkin around underwater is bound to make u strong). but he was the dude none the less.

this cover was done by the legendary Jack Kirby, whoi was responsible for the look of almost all the classic comic book heroes. this was Stan Lee's right hand man.

true heads know...

Monday, July 18, 2011

Bboy Salute: The .45

7 shot Colt. 45

this is my joint! its enuff firpower to stop the bumrush, but still small enuff to tuck real good. it doesnt tuck as tight as a .380, but i'd rather have this cause its more reliable. this aint gonna jam on u at the wrong moment like that .380 or that 9 might. 7 shots is enuff to make sure that the family stays safe.

a true American classic.

and aint this pretty? same reliability, more shots, less recoil. who says u cant teach an old dog new tricks...

13 shot Springfield .45 automatic

BBoy Classics: Boz Scaggs "The Dirty Low Down"

this is one of them joints when u throw it on, its always the right time. i mean, not in a room full of people that just fiend for whatever maybe poppin at the moment, but for those that really like MUSIC. this is one of thos joints that remind me of midtown Manhattan parties that used to rock in the 90s. NY used to be a real magical place. it still has a certain energy, like i feel charged when im there, but it's not the same. i know things change, but u cant help but want that energy to live on. if not for any reason but so that others can be enriched by what has helped you in your own development. thats that unselfish shit. i'm not sure that way of thinkin has a place in the world today.

but thats how i feel. thats what this blogs about...


Sunday, July 17, 2011



Written by Sean Garrett
Produced by The Neptunes

the definition of a classic, to me, is that no matter when it's played, it still has power. power to move you or convey an important sentiment. in that ligt i think this composition, "U Don't Have To Call", fiots into that category. it never sounds dated, and still has an emotional impact intact in the recording that shows that they really captured an energy that was present at the time.

a really great song, excellent production, and outstanding writing and arranging. CLASSIC.

what do yall think?


for all of you that are into audio, i thought i'd start some audio tutorials. i'll post these videos until i can create some original content for yall to absorb. until then, start with these basics. cause really, its all about eq and compression. everything else you do will be done to support these functions. very basic but very powerful as time goes on. you'll see how this knowledge can compound to make really complicated things easier down the line. you'll see. enjoy.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

BBoy Classics: Alicia Myers "I Want To Thank You"

absolutely timeless, classic music. it used to be a time you throw this on at any function in NY and watch the crowd go bonkers. this and "Before I Let Go" by Frankie Beverly and Maze. and a few others.

this is for my yung baw crew that just dont know. i mean, i used to be up on this when i was a buck. it was mandatory to know what was hot before you. to do better. for the music...

Lost Kingdoms: Bally Siesta Shoes

The Bally Siesta shoes. Slip on and tie up comfort. Flyness at it's best. Lemme show another angle...

These shoes were IT. Leather and suede Crayola flavors. Dirtbomb cats couldn't wear these because you had to have style to rock these with the matching silk shirts and a suit or an ill terry cloth Fila tracksuit. The Buffalino knockoffs were easily identified, it just wasn't the same quality.

Bally needs to re-issue these PRONTO

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