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Friday, July 15, 2011

BBoy Classics: Miles Davis "So What"

i seriously question your cool if you don't or cant fuck wit jazz. i mean, it's the original player music. what do you think Iceberg Slim listened to when he was pimpin? and this was that SHIT. these dudes was reinventing the jazz form in those days. all with an air of sophistication and outright genius. look at like this... these dues took the rhythm section out of a great big orchestra and created, actually invented different ways for music to be thought of. then James Brown further stripped down the rhythm section and invented the club banger. but it started with these cool ass cats of yesteryear.

Miles was a cool baw. look hw when he finishes tootin, he steps out of his man's way n lights a smoke, like 'he got that'. and he did. cause if you didnt know, that baw is John Coltrane, THE GREATEST sax player of all time.

throw some jazz on next time u up in the spot wit a female on cool out. watch how she respond to it. and to you. this shit just says i'm hip on a whole 'nother level. a fly chick is gone 'preciate that...


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