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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bboy Fresh: Spyder

now THIS is real ski wear. you will hot up the place, any place, u step in rockin this shit. not only is it fly, but functional. waterproof, tear proof, all that. lookin good is a bonus.

the other day i was at the big homie Dallas Penn's site n saw a feature on the Lo-Lifes, featuring Mayhem Lauren. being a Lo-Life(retired), of course i had to check it out.

pictured on the page was a dude who was draped in 'Lo, Snow Beach line. (above) even tho i respect what sun had to do to gee that shit, (if he did), i cant fuck wit it cause it looks cheap to me. Ralph only came thru wit a couple of winter pieces that was worth the bother. his specialty is really on the casual wear, and the Purple Label shit is exquisite. thats a post for another day. but when suns got draped fpr the wweather, we did it like this. the Snow Beach line ain't fuckin wit this. this shit is OFFICIAL ski wear, not a version of it. when u compare construction and quality, its really no contest. we did this, and a couple other winter wears that was CRAZY. i got em droppin later this week. let me put yall up on game.

its really hard to fuck this up sun. black Nike ACG boots, ANY color, kind of denim... lets go green...

this fly guy shit. couple a you dudes wouldnt be able to pull this off. any flavor of blue jeans, i'd go wit really washed out, baby blue whatevers, 'Lo Cookie boots (in tan leather, of course), and freak it with a bright orange or tangerine hat. speakin bout hats...

this is the ill shit for a Caribbean nigga like me. wit the Spyder on these hoes! imma wrap you up, bitch! dont you know i'm known on the web? AY $YK, PEEP THIS ONE...

it like a crown, lord! this shit will have them peekin at the stylish brotha that just stepped into her line of sight. fresh pair of aviators... that would b fly... (get it?)... squeeze this orange...

just smooth shit. peep the grey...

with the accents...

i guess the case has been made. and make no mistake, this is shit we was rockin in '93. this shit is STILL fly. get hip. LL forever. RIP Boostin Billy forever...


yeah sun


Spyder>>>>>North Face

hol' up...hol' up...


sun said Patagonia!!! a-likely statement from u, sun! u gone bug off the... i dont wanna spoil it... just say another fly winter apparel company i know you fux wit...

Birthday county small giant says frankly " it is difficult to dress " send word [url=]cheap air jordans[/url] begs old clothes shoe to Yao Ming
Yesterday, foundation school person comes Yao Ming 6 how, discuss Yao Ming to will attend hope project basketball to surpass relevant matters concerned in August (ever reported) on March 9. And the birthday county that has reported for many times before our newspaper " small giant " Zhang Mengyong also was taking him yesterday appeal the letter arrives 6 how, think take along sth to sb gives Yao Ming.
"Small giant " say frankly " it is difficult to dress "
"I am see from expensive newspaper Yao Ji can send a person this to come, wrote appeal letter, want to entrust you to help pass on is met to Yao Ji, I want to beg Yao Ming the side is busy. " yesterday morning, all the way travel-stained drive the 6 life that bring the urban district to the county " small giant " Zhang Mengyong says agog.
"I call Zhang Mengyong, height 2.26 meters, it is your fan and vermicelli made from bean starch. When the year before last year goes out, threw one Jiao carelessly, because live in country, condition finite, there is not seasonable make a diagnosis and give treatment at that time, form today's femur head bad cause of death special figure (tall) , brought a lot of inconvenience to daily life, especially the dress and shoe, go around county, complete province, buy the type that is less than me to wear, look for manufacturer to order do, the dress that hopes without this economy actual strength you can wash out you to be not worn again and shoe are donated (a few) to me " write so in Zhang Mengyong's letter.
Strung of reporter immediately couplet is participated in recieve Yao Ji the bureau of the 6 sports that bring city of meeting personnel Director Guan Chuanbing, close a director to promise to help pass on correspondence. Yesterday afternoon, the letter already turned give Yao Ji meets gentleman of chief the Song Dynasty. Gentleman of the Song Dynasty expresses, this matter still must go back to seek Yao Ming's opinion first, give feedback again.
Him hope is hit hard spell future
Our newspaper ever was entered in Nanjing to Zhang Mengyong last year swing be decieved, the body gets hurt, the unfortunate lot that cummer leaves had a story, after returning county of native place birthday, through the Zhang Mengyong that adjusts for some time, it is better that psychosis restores now.
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"After old injury cures, have why to plan? " the reporter asks. "I already had discussed with the big brother that aids financially me, collaboration opens an ad firm, use my height and show strong point, accept the business of the respect such as a few bridal emcee, make an outlet for oneself. " Zhang Mengyong says.
When interviewing, 29 years old " small giant " Zhang Mengyong is looking forward to future: "I go out 15 years old enter swing, experienced a lot of setbacks, but still will insist to do poineering work henceforth, search an outlet for oneself.
I still can seek the other in part that attributes me, it is normal to had hoped to go up the person's happiness lives. " (photography reports reporter Dou Zujun)

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