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Friday, July 15, 2011

BBoy Fresh: Triple Fat Goose aka Bomber Jackets

this was the bboy classic. it was a little before my time, meaning before i was able to buy it myself. my churchlady mother was not havin it. regardless, this was the fly shit. and of course, my cousin CRASH had one. he had everything when it dropped. we, (my lil brother n me) of course, had the vinyl joints wit the hood. we aint feel bad. a lot of people had those joints. it was all good.

but this was the jacket to have, along wit the Cazals and the bucket Kangol. absolute classic.

bboy fresh.

bboy cult...


Had the black with the snap on fur collar.

There's a spot on Delancey/Orchard who brought them back last year or so, but the $500 price is a no go

you think so? $500 is a fair price for a good leather jacket. the 'Lo joint was like 6. it was cut wit questionable skin?

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