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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bboy Salute: Ninja Man

anyone who knows the classic dancehall knows who this is. Desmond John Ballentine needs no introduction. he is the one and only Ninja Man.

"Murder Dem" will alwas be one of those songs from a classic tme in dancehall reggae. i mean, that scene looks like the rap scene these days. nah, maybe a lil worse. maybe a lot worse, cause they almost extensively deal wit slack. this nigga Vybez Cartel is proudly singin bout bleachin his skin n shit. back these times, the dance was ablaze wit groundbrakin acts and some of the most classic riddims ever.

for me, Ninja will forever be that baw, who when clashin wit Shabba Ranks, who brought his son, said, "Look... de eedeyot teach de dunce". that was an all-time moment that will forever characterize a time that i think will never return to de dance.

he was addicted to crack, so he of ccourse fuckd his career up. but the people loved him. right now, the baw lockd up on a murder beef. i guess his signature song is more than just lyrics...


You get sasquatch props for this my dude.... I remember bumping Ninja's "Bounty Killer" album when I was a kid and watching the sound clashes on VHS.(That Super Cat vs. Ninja joint was a classic!) Ninja was definitely a rude bwoy, he wasn't just singing it he was living it.


everytime! thanks for comin thru. feel free to stop thru more often. i got somethin droppin this week im sure you'll REALLY like...

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