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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

BBoy Salute: Tascam Porta Studio 4 trak recorder

real heads know. this lil baby is even a sweetheart to my rock n roll dudes, who used this trying to trak SOMETHIN to get that creative shit outta them. it bothers u when theres somethin bottled inside you and you wanna get it out. sometimes it's hard to do. until somethin comes along and makes it that much easier for u.

this was that thing. i used it as a sequencer, laying tracks down from the Gemini sampler we saluted last week. i used metal tapes, which were quieter (less hiss), and seemed to me to pop less. i made some bangin tracks on this. ahh, the memories...

this was like DAWs (Pro Tools, Logic) are today. this was the equivalent (loosely) of recording in a large studio. because you had at your disposal the means to multitrack. which means u can make each sound as lively as it needs to be in order to translate to the listener. this gave the lil guy a fightn chance. and we loved them for that. Tascam was a brand we supported for years, until the advent of Pro Tools. its been a wrap since then.

But we aint forget... not all of us...


I cut my teeth on this thing, it was the greatest tool in the world in '86.(or '87). Read about les paul back then when i had a panasonic stereo that i could bounce L to R. this tascam was like the car was to the horse for me.

THankss for the flashback


sall good W... same here...

it was a simple tool but it had a lot of character to it. and figuring out how to make it better was the fly part. i actually used to use this to sequence beats and take them to the big studios to finish them. this was a serious tool for me.

stop thru more often, fam...

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