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Friday, July 22, 2011

BBoy Salute: Too Short

say whatever you want to, this dude was the shit, some where, to somebody. shit, i used to hate his too simple, no goose pimple raps. but when u start to live that street life, his music takes on a whole nother meaning.

i dont care what nobody say, when East Coast niggas was making up all kind of beautiful sentences about mostly imaginary stuff, Too Short was busy droppin real street shit. when u know the game of pimpin, then u know the shit he speaks on is bonafide truth. and it was the truth from way back then. dude was spittin real game. and he deserves to be recognized for that.

also, when the topic comes up of the innovators in independent rap music, Short and dudes like E-40 somehow get passed by in the roll call, even tho these dues was livin crazy comfy BEFORE any deal from anybody. they say the baw 40 Water had all types of real estate before anybody even heard of him over here, gettin money. all shit from independent sales. these brothas need to be recognized for that. whether u can relate to what they spit or not.

i heard it said that women want attention. all a player really want is a lil recognition.

give 'em some...


40 and $hort= Legends

"History Channel" coming soon.

At least thats what 40 keeps saying anyway. Its been 8-9 years now. Its like the Bay Area's Detox.

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