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Sunday, July 10, 2011


THE BOMB SQUAD- Public Enemy, Slick Rick, Ice Cube

LARGE PROFESSOR- Kool G Rap, Main Source, Nas

DJ PREMIER- Gangstarr, Group Home, Jeru The Damaja,


PETE ROCK- Pete Rock n CL Smooth


LORD FINESSE- Lord Finesse, Diggin In The Crates

PRINCE PAUL- Stetsasonic, De La Soul, Big Daddy Kane

CED G- Ultra Magnetic, KRS One

PUFF DADY(DIDDY) AND THE HITMEN- Biggie Smalls, Craig G, The Lox, Lil Kim

RZA-Wu Tang Clan, Raekwon the Chef, GZA

now, for all of you Soundscan kida, a couple of these dudes did not move mad units. i say that cause you soundscan babies equate sales with talent. some of the dudes on this list have made some of THE MOST INFLUENTIAL music in hip hop history, and a couple have made some of the most influential music in MUSIC period. for those of you who don't know, get familiar with the names on this list and their work. you might get opened up to a whole new perspective.

my vote goes with THE BOMB SQUAD just on the strength of Public Enemy alone. the amount of layering that was done in those records could not be achieved today- it would cost too much. they would have 3 or 4 drum loops movin together with programmed drums over top of it. BEFORE they got to the music. pure genius. they are often cited by all the major mags as some of the most important music ever made.

but thats my opinion. what do you think?


Bomb Squad for real...

I listen to Amerikkkas Most Wanted & niggaz4life...Cube wouldn't have fit on that NWA album, but he fit well with that Bomb Squad production

man hate to have to pick only one out of these, but I have to go with Bomb Squad too.

The name Public Enemy speaks for itself. Chuck D and Bomb Squad where made for each other.

Cube's legacy would have played out way different if he didnt have the Shocklee Bros on the boards at that specific time. That was a destiny moment especially how he just left NWA. "A Bird In Hand" is one of my alltime favorite tracks. Even 50 paying homage with "Mechanic" was nice

but lets not forget that these other dudes influenced a big portion of the game. i think Lord Finesse gets overlooked a lot. his sound was the sound of NY at one point.

same wit Erik Sermon. that Skull Snaps break was in EVERYTHING after the Edouble dropped it...

and CED G is responsible for CRIMINAL MINDED by KRS One. that is one of the most influential discs ever. and he deserves all the dap in the world for somethin as ill as "Ego Trippin". that shit was space age to me when it dropped. sun was rockn synths wit the drums in '86... feel that...

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