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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Deaf, Dumb, & Blind

The equation is like this...the majority are considered sheep (useful eaters). Easily led in the wrong direction, hard to be led in the right direction. You have the smaller percentage of the population (useless eaters) that have done due diligence and are qualified to speak and they try to infiltrate the majority to sway the scales in favor of the people. Then you have a populous who's numbers slightly overtake the smaller percentage. They are the ones who are in power and will do anything to keep the majority deaf, dumb, and blind because they are invested in their ignorance, and will do anything to slander that smaller percentage, because they know they can sway the numbers (i.e. conspiracy theorists, haters, ol' heads, blackballing, etc).

So when I read this
I could understand where homie is coming from. I've been in that game, it's nothing sweet. I know as actual fact that most of these DD&B's would never be able to navigate their way through the industry. Their vision is blurred by the flashing lights and materialistic items. But when I read this I'm like, are these idiots really getting at both of them for saying the same thing although it be 2 different elements?

I went in on the Waka thread BTW, and I truly believe "Flock" is Waka himself. The keystroke is the same as the Twitter. These outside looking in cats are truly savage in the pursuit. It's to the point that the age is a non-factor, they will be the ones that will kill you before you kill them.

Beware of the dumb, deaf, and blind. But first you have to choose which side you're on. Perfect example, Jay was that small population, but decided to switch to the slighty higher percentage. His investments need followers/consumers, not advocates.


WORD. and the ill shit is that a CORNY nigga is thru wit it. let's hope this is an ongoing trend. that hopefully the wack keep gettin called wack until they're reduced to 2 options;

1- quit (we wont miss you Waka)

2- god forbid, IMPROVE (we just might appreciate you Waka. you could probably keep the ridiculous name. fly niggas make shit work. you'd be fucked up from the word go if YOU named YOURSELF Special Ed. but it works for that dude... see what i mean?)

and the link for the second "this"(Immortal Technique) is corrupted. but sun drop jewels... as usual...

word has it his "retirement" is just a publicity stunt to promote his next album. But then again he did say he puts that on God hes serious. Oh well time will tell.

I never had the inclination to check out his music based on his name alone. I've heard 2 songs from dude and one of his beast with Fabolous rapping over it only because it came on the radio one time.

Both links are just so you know.

On the real. I hope dude is okay and wish him the best. I dont take his reason for quiting at face value, something is up for dude to just do a 180 when he is winning. People are fake everywhere, even in Wal-Mart.

I'm remembering when he got popped, the cops running up in his crib and he had to turn himself in, the tour problems, when Puff & Ross did his song on BET w/o him, the CTE/Brick Squad wars, promoters feeding him counterfeits, the PETA ads (the gay old men probably proposed him), Lyor probably been screaming at him to do some cornball sh^t, son can't take it no more.

His mom said he's dead ass serious.

But yeah, he won't be missed.


thats a lot of sucker shit in a row! how the oldtimers say it... see a fool, play a fool?


Word is bond, typing all of that nonsense and even I'm like I would fall back too. Son STAY getting herbed on the regular.

But if he would've showed some knowledge of self, things might of been different...

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