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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Go A Foreign....

we get a lot of request for submissions, and i was really tryin to at one point make it a "all is welcome" type forum, but that aint gonna work. niggas is just corny! or followers. i cant just keep postin Wiz Khalifah wannabees. so when i see a new perspective being introduced, i have no choice but to get wit that. i remember dudes in my neighborhood saying "The Chronic" was wack when it came out. and i took they tapes, cause even as a yungbaw, i knew what dope was. i still do.

This is Eboi, and this is from Stockholm, Sweden, represented by Respect My Hustle Management Group. as the son of an immigrant, i can relate to this totally. and if you listened to most records from Brooklyn artists, you got a chance to listen to what immigrant life sounds like 1 or 2 generations removed. what i find most interesting is the blend of the southern US style with the international references matched with production that sounds one part Miami, one part London garage. it's a very interesting combination of imagery from a perspective that is all to often forgotten; that hustlin' is a global thing. no matter what that hustle is. in some parts of the world, hustlin is so much more mature than it is here in the States. cause dudes here are still using the same tactics in the drug game that have already been defeated and regulated beyond a reasonable what-the-fuck. and dudes is still doin' what doesnt work any more. and at, FROM WHAT I HEAR, 32 a brick, how the fuck can you eat from that in a city with fully rehabilitated fiend sayin no?!? as a business man, that game just makes no sense to take part of here.

i can't speak for Stockholm, Sweden, tho. let's see what Eboi has to say about it....

im very interested to see what else comes from this camp.


that was dope. thats all i can say about it right now, still soaking.

*thinks back to that rap olympics joint*

yeah im not really diggin our chances

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