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Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Gushie: Diamond's Are For This Dude?

im a real fan of the built petite but built like a woman body type. i mean, im a big dude. what am i gonna do with a big girl? hear her complain? so when i saw, this, i knew i had to post it. sis is built RIGHT.

i always thought she was a cutie. but i never knew she had it like this. which makes me kinda think twice about her cause she fucks wit Soldier Boy now, of all people. like seriously. she said HE teaches her shit. i woulda thought that after that whole Kat Stacks shit, he woulda been hard pressed to come across a thoro piece, on some real shit. but he done did it. the devil must really like what the lil nigga sold his soul for. cause he just keeps pullin off shit that really has no other explanation than that the simple minded fuck must have some supernatural help....

the fly shit starts at about 5:06....


ive always preffered a lil meat on the bones myself. but im starting to warm up to these petite lil slim chicks as of late.

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