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Sunday, July 10, 2011

i gets busy, b...

'DEN' also know as 'DENSKE', TUK,UNI,WAB,ATP

this is one of my black n silver pieces. it was a time that i used to drop these real heavy throughout Philly. most were at least 8ft. tall and averaged 12-15ft in length. i was scrollin thru the pics and came across this. just to show my folks where the bboy comes from.

its wild yo, cause i been involved in so many different things in the street that its become a goal of mine how to infuse that all in one music project. the one we just dropped is gettin a much needed remix/remaster with some new, saucy tools that i employ at this time. suffice to say, it's gonna get re-released soon. stay tuned.

i've got another project that i'm workin on thats really ill. but id like to really fuse all aspects of my experiences. i think this is the only way to really portray oneself as an artist. even tho the business man in me knows that it's better to target a market and supply it.

graffiti is my first love and my point of entrance into the street life. it is also the 1st element of hip hop, predating djing by almost 10 yrs. graffiti was gettin it's formations when the toasters of Jamaica were first inventing the style that would eventually become dj'ing and mc'ing. actually, a lot of what we appreciate in hip hop was first pioneered in The West Indies. but thats a post for a different day.

today, i want to just show yall what a real bboy looks like. you cant see him. he just IS...


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