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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

i think i know what the "B" in Lil B stands for...

it stands for BULLSHIT.

this is some god awful shit! i mean this is so wack that it starts to get funny! i dare you watch this bullshit thru til about 3 minutes and i bet you'll start laughin! lol

this nigga must b fuckin every high powered homo in the industry and lettin them smash him crazy. cause if this really appeals to a portion of the population that supposedly is his fanbase, then the dumbing down of America is worse than i thought. this shit don't even sound like its a trip high. and i had some Cali flower earlier (shout out to Tony Grands), and that just made it worse. cause the vegetables just made it even more apparent EKZACKLY how wack this shit is. doin shit like this used to get you banned from certain neighborhoods. what gets this guy on all these blogs, all this coverage and press, plus dates on these tours has got to be his asshole. it's got to be evident to more people than just me. this dude is the BLONDE BIMBO (more B's) that obviously doesnt deserve the promotion (dam that wasn't a pun, but it sure works like a muhfucka..).

instead of this song being called Bill Bellamy (which makes absolutely NO fucking sense), it should b called Suzanne Summers.

all i can say is...cocaine is a hell of a drug...


I just want to know what does he keep looking down at? Is he reading his rhymes while shooting the video?

I got 0 felonies!!!


my dude, i wonder what he's doing PERIOD.

i saw a clip of him performing, and the all white audience was enthralled. i dont know if they see him as some sort of abstraction, some sort of quirky preponderance regarding celebrity. sorry, that was ODB. besides Ramellzee, there is no other abstractions worth taking notice to.

without the fancy lingo, this muthafuckah's WACK...

this dude ain't got no fans...all of that "He's Gay" shock promo and he pushed 1700 digital units.


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