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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lost Kingdoms: Bally Siesta Shoes

The Bally Siesta shoes. Slip on and tie up comfort. Flyness at it's best. Lemme show another angle...

These shoes were IT. Leather and suede Crayola flavors. Dirtbomb cats couldn't wear these because you had to have style to rock these with the matching silk shirts and a suit or an ill terry cloth Fila tracksuit. The Buffalino knockoffs were easily identified, it just wasn't the same quality.

Bally needs to re-issue these PRONTO


WHAT??!?!?!?!?!? are u kiddin me?

man, THESE was my shit!!!!! he said the Buffalino's! lol!

the ankle lace ups BURN the rest. i used to murder shit with those and the jeans wit the silk shirt. crazy!

bboy $yk.... *gives dap*

Navy blue Kangol

ice blue Cazals

Navy blue silk shirt

dark denim Calvin Kleins

Navy blue leather Ballys

neutral sheepskin

10mm rope chain & 3mm solid rope name plate & 2 finger ring

bboy $yk

Bally known for comfort and durability.

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