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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pharrell's Rack-No Homo

i really like Pharrell's work. i think the baw, along wit Chad,( lets not leave him out) make some real incredible music from a real place. its like you can hear the Tribe in it, the JB's, the Primo. you can hear that they're crate diggers, that they have a vision of redefined, classic music. whatever the genre. they are to me the extent to which our form should be at. in front of the world, with the greatest of the elements intact... STYLE.

a lot of what production is is what u take to achieve the sound. and even tho we could tell they was usin Reason sounds, it just wasnt the same when u found that snare and was like 'thas Pharrell shit!' but wasn't really sure. well, this is the rack sun uses to produce music. and a lot of this shit is CLASSIC shit! see, classic sound comes from classic studio shit. thats where part of the appeal comes from. if ur shit sound good, make it sound better. make it sound right. get it mixed and mastered. i always question anyone whos not willin to invest in themselves.

now if u look at whats in this rack, you see the classic LA 2A compressors, underneath of which are the classic 1176s. but here's where we see the Primo influence 1st hand. way at the bottom are a pair of dbx 160 series compressors. this is the snap in Preems drums. that and the MPC60 (not the 2000, 2500 or the rest, cause the 60 is 12 bit, not 16. it's a grittier sound) makes the signature DJ Primier drum sounds. across from it is a real Pultec eq, the tube monster that gives the incredible bass. its out of production, so it has a hefty price tag. like a $8,500 price tag. feel that. see what self investment does? in their case, make them Producers of the decade, 2000-2010, according to Rolling Stone magazine.

the keyboard is an ASR 10, and i used to have one.

and i sold it.

cult wit the dum out...

on top are Roland and Korg sound modules. to you soft(ware) niggas, these are the equivalent of refill packs in Reason and Logic sound libraries. they used to come like this. you would be amazed to find out how much more life like sounds are comin out of these. the joint on top of the rack, imma keep to myself, cause i want one. i told u this much. i can be a lil selfish. regardless, the ASR is the secret to those almost offbeat soundin drums Pharrell does. you know why? cause the sequencer SUCKS. its awful, yo. but you see how baw turned a negative into a positive?

feel that...


Say word

If I saw a DAT machine I would've started tearing...

8 Ave btwn 36-41 st NYC>>>>>

word! DAT machine! they used to sound good, too.

whatchu talkin bout, Sam Ash?

naw, that was just off Broadway and like 43rd, 44th, somethin like that...

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