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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Satellite Feed: Beyonce-"Party" featuring Andre 3000

man, i fux wit this! this reminds me of that classic 80s RnB. this shit is fly.

Three stacks verse is not really that inspired. its almost corny in some places. but it stays on course. Be is of course flawless, as she goes back to the style that made her great. it's an amazing thing to me; just like Michael Jackson, they both went to more pop music when it was the black music that made them great, made them superstars.

i'm not limiting any artist's vision. but both of them just didnt sound as powerful when rockin to that pop shit. 'specially Beyonce. her voice is too good, too powerful for the bubble gum shit. i know she aint no diva, but let Rihanna have that, ma. you good where you at. she's popular. but you're on your way to becoming a LEGEND.


yall need to stop frontin like yall run hardrock anthems all day... cut it out... this shit is fresh...

remember most of that early rap shit was based off fly r&b grooves. shit, Good Times was DISCO! dont lose that...

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