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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Satellite Feed: Hopsin (Tyler The Creator dis)

i caught this yung baw Hospin on the web earlier. and i got to say, the baw is nice. baw disses Tyler The Creator in this joint, and goes in on other MCs wit the same borrowed ass flow. i mean, we can say that baw offered a diss to Tyler cause, i mean, shit, Tyler got 16 and a half MILLION views on YouTube right now (thats 14 million more than Fabolous) and it makes sense to grab that audience. or we can (or i can) say that he has a point with the shit he's sayn. i mean, even Tyler says his shit is random, that it doesnt have a meaning. (whoever's their media coach needs to get fired) so whats the problem if someone else says it?

the baw got nice wordplay. and i took a few to check out some other shit on their site. some of it is Eminemish, but shit, Eminem dont sound Eminemish these days. but they say some bold shit, startin wit dissin Timika Wright, Easy E's widow, who runs Ruthless. (i think he was signed to her). and it seems they was on a couple of tv shows. they seem to have a good support system, and are already doin dates in Australia. looks like they might be around for a minute. we'll see. Cult usually can pick 'em. i'm tryin to get into my old My Space account to get to the messages i was sendin a then unheard of Nikki Minaj. she called me cute. she's very observant.

give em a listen. or slash em in the comments. we dont really care about being polite around here. we're really tryin to build a place where we can talk about it. vamos a rapiar...


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