Read In Your Language

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Satellite Feed: Sweatshop Union

this is a crew i came across online. i liked the name of the crew, so i decided to check out what they was about. i like 'em. i remember when the sayn 'keep it real' meant just that. BE YOURSELF. so i always like the shit that tends to come from a different perspective, regardless of genre. so i liked the mixed elements of this crew. i checked out some of their other stuff and its really consistent. really follows the basic premise. which is what great bands are made of.

so, dig these dudes, regardless of the Illuminatti emblems on they shit. so many people play wit that shit these days, its hard to tell whos serious about it or not. judging from the production value of their videos, i dont know how much of an independent outfit this is. regardless, who they let fuck 'em is their business. mine is locating good music...


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