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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lickety Split

ladies, dont shy away from this because of the picture. you might find this interesting...

its not enuff that dogs like u and me are sittin here pantin for Asia B. theres a couple of cats out there purrin for baby as well. i aint mad at that. what struck me is the other day during the gay marriage protests in NY, a gay man was protestin the right to marry because he said the gay lifestyle has become too much of a fad. good thing im not a trendy person.

but it got me thinkin.

i see a lot of yung bucks out here, the yung girls i mean, wit the shaved head or a crew cut, wit these big ass titties, and a stroll thats colder than winter in Alaska. and i cant help but to wonder where they daddies at.

a lot of it, as i see it, is like the gay guy said. the bandwagon. but then i cant help but to think that alot of these lil girls seem to put on the masculine role thats missin in their life. they look to be the man that they desperately needed to feel what it feels like to be loved. but to feel SAFE in that love and not feel as if they're being preyed upon. cause us dogs lookin for whatever we can get a leg up on. and girls need to feel as if there's more to appreciate about them than sex. cause if they grow up feelin thats all they're worth, then they establish that pattern in their lives. thats good for us lookin to get laid. but as a single father of a lil girl, i cant help but feel this to be a strong part of the duty of 'father'.

i've also noticed that thru the years, that any chick that will call u daddy while lettin u smash is torn in the same place. shes lookin for the love of daddy, but has no precedent for what that love is supposed to be. so it also becomes a sexual expression, cause she dont know how to love no other way. this is why the ones who turn out call pimps 'daddy'. cause not only is he gonna give her the sexual authority she creates in her dysfunction, but he's also gonna give her the discipline she really craves. and he's gonna let her disappear right in front of our eyes into a role made of pure fantasy, one thats made to manage her dysfunction, not to cure it. thats why pimps beat on chicks. because if he dont, shes gonna find somebody else to manage her dysfunction properly. shes gonna find somebody to beat the livin shit outta her. cause in her mind, she NEEDS it. if she doesnt get it, then she thinks he doesnt care. she doesnt think he's 'real'.

i cant but help to look at these chicks that say they're gay with one eyebrow up like The Rock. cause i done smashed a couple. not them dude lookin jawns, cause thats not attractive, not to me (i know some of u dudes who used to lust after them WNBA chicks). but the feminine jawns who swear they dont get split. i knew a couple who was stone cold whores in the strip club, and would go back to the suburbs they drove in from, and play lesbian all week. she used to say it like that. "i'm a dike in the hood." and she meant it.

if u notice its always these dike chicks in the middle of some confusion. there always seems to b some sort of drama followin these bitches around. my personal theory is that a person can charge the air around them. thats why some bitches will see a dude and just get a feeling. or u lock gazes wit a chick and it feels like somethin is passin between yall. all matter is made of positive and negative charges that make the atoms that make the particles that make the fabric of this reality. and i say the individual can charge those particles to send a positive charge or a negative one. u ever just not like a nigga? he just have a bad vibe about him? u have ur back turned to the door, but just feel a way when somebody walks in. u turn around and look, and u see some knuckle head ass nigga wit that trouble strut? or those females that just feel like they're sucking ur energy with their negative circumstances? thats what i mean. these people are chargin a negative current to form around them. its an energy you can feel. and thats what i say about these bitches. they stay in a state of confusion. confusion in its default state is negative, because when an individual is in such a state, they usually choose negative reactions to new problems they encounter. because they foster the environment for their dysfunction to grow, years later, it becomes so comfortable, so ingrained in them, that it can cause nervous breakdowns and shit when they have to confront a reality that is unreal. it was all fictitious, right down to the personality they created, which is usually the name of a man. its no different when that so-called 'has it all together' chick throws all types of shit into the relationship when ur tryin to show them that u really are the man u say u are. cause they lookin at u like, 'my own daddy couldn't love me. how can you?'

so when my daughter says, "look at me, daddy!" i do. i tell her whenever i can that she's pretty, but being smart is better. i dont let NO ONE supersede my authority in front of her, my mother and older sister included. i alert dudes to their disrespectful antics and scream on em if they continue to do so. im not prepared to die for her today. im prepared to die for her RIGHT NOW. she's safe. and she knows it. daddy's on the job.

and i dont clock out.

now air it out...


There isn't another word that could possibly be added to this post. Damn. Deep and thought provoking. You really went in on this one and knocked it out the park. Even the title is perfect.

thank u, brutha. i 'preciate that. i guess the G stands for generous...

Broke it down simple and plain the way GREAT teachers do.

Broke it down simple and plain the way GREAT teachers do.

thanks B Eazy. i appreciate the love. sorry for the late response.

be easy... lol...

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