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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

BBoy Classics: "Bam Bam" Sister Nancy

this is what you call a house burner. even dibby dibby sound bwoy cyan mash up da place when a man drop dis eyre. strait up. if u ever been to a dance, when this drops, it always makes the crowd go absolutely crazy.

she is the 1st female dancehall DJ, and the sister to Brigadier Jerry, a legend in his own right. but this tune is recognized world wide as a bonafide reggae classic. if ur not hip, get to know it...

this is a special dedication to my dude $ykotic and my man Capital G, and all my folks in the smoke shop. peep the lyrics...


Remember when you could cop whole mixtapes of all the latest hot shit remixed into some dancehall shit. Shabba Ranks, Cutty Ranks, Nardo Ranks, Buju, Supercat... This was some real fly shit in the early '90's. Trailer load a guns, Boom Bye Bye, Dem a Bleach... Even El General for the bilingual crowd.
Good shit Cult, very good shit.

Pelpa: "He is gonna die, learn from that, go and get Chiquita*

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