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Monday, August 8, 2011

Bboy Fresh: Benetton

this was that shit! when the hood was breakin out of converse sneaks, and Nike was startin to be the brand of choice, when casual took over the suit wearin players of yesteryear, this was one of the brands we turned to make sure it was known and understood that we were fly. Benetton was a favorite of guys and girls alike and we looked fly in it. the buckets were crazy. this was one of the brands that we helped to establish. they started doin some wack shit after a while, and when the Polo came in full force it was a wrap. 

this is for those that had flavor. i cant really dedicate to those wit swag. cause swag is on the surface. flavor is IN the meat! where u at wit urs?

bboy fresh.

bboy cult.



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