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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bboy Fresh: Marmot

this joint is ill! down filled and guaranteed to keep you warm up to 8000m above sea level! feel that! thats mountain climbin shit!

Time to do it to yall again. let ur boy put u up on game. this is another one of those winter lines i was speakin on in this post. this is some real stay warm, dry, and dry from ur own body heat (these jackets are made of breathable fabrics and are cleverly ventilated). Spyder is more ski apparrel. this shit is for tackling mountains. what street corner can conquer this shit? AND they fly. peep game....
black bubble is mean. this that smooth fly shit. look at the zippers on the pockets. helpful for not losing your stuff on the way to the summit. that might also b helpful on the train...

now this is a backpack, sun! this shit will hold almost 80 pounds of gear. comfortably. u gotta hit this wit the ginsu to rip this.
don't sleep. this shell is rated to keep you warm between 38º- 32º with no problem. that Bear bubble could just fuck wit that. that Nautica bubble could do that. this lil joint can do what they could do easy. feel that. and the colors is sick. construction Timbs wit these? easy smoothie do. or any one of these, if ur fly guy is on full tilt...
or catch it in black if ur fly guy is NOT on full tilt...
i really gotta elaborate? San Francisco Giants hat? Baltimore Orioles? vintage St. Louis Browns fitted? (the old Mitchell n Ness joints used to b real ol skool lookin wool. absolutely ill in the winter)

do i? or maybe i should, cause i know a coupla u dudes sittin there thinkin bout those cheap lookin black Timbs wit this shit. n u know what? this shit will make them shits look fly. until they get scratched and look like plastic Barbie shoes. i mean damn fam, its hard to fuck this one up.

get hip to some next shit. get out of that routine, sun. get on some bboy shit.

bboy fresh.

bboy cult.


Marmot and Patagonia are two of the top outdoor gear companies. Damn Cult, is there anything you ain't up on? Gonna have to change your name to Chameleon, your taste in shit is fluid as all hell and covers every base.

why, thank you my dude! can i use that in a pitch meeting?

and yes. dont start a convo on sports. i mean, i might can hang talkin bout some topics regardin sports, and i keep my eye on where the money's goin', but stats n all that? current rankings? not me. my brother is that baw when it comes to that. he keeps me updated. i trust him only cuz he STAY hittin a ticket. dudes at his barber shop bet what he bet. only die hard fans bet against him.

dam, you gave me an idea...

and G, ive been thru and involved in a LOT of shit. that im here able to discuss anything is because god is good. i give thanks daily.

Marmot=rich man's North Face

patagonia=rich man's Columbia

Your point is valueble for me. Thanks!

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