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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bboy Salute: Led Zeppelin

you see the fallen angel? you think Jay n 'em was on this shit first?
if you aint hip, get hip. cause this is one of the greatest rock groups of all time. these dudes was takin down Beatles records for concert attendance and sales back when they were out at the same time. these dudes, along wit Ozzy n Blac Sabbath defined the hard rock/classic rock sound of the 70s.

but they get props over here cause a bunch of hteir records was early break beats. you hear the hard drums in this joint? it was the sound of rock music and funk and disco that went into the sound of early hip hop music. thats what made dudes like Bambatta and Flash so respected cause these dudes played music from all over the world. it was shit like this that made it easdy for white opeople to have a frame of reference to associate with hip hop on a personal klevel. cause while the residents of Bronx river Projects just heard a bangin beat, the white people heard Billy Squire, Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin. that helped the culture to grow.

but its unmistakable. the music is powerful. it deserves its place in history. and if u aint fully hip on these dudes, get to know em. n the next time u go pick up a white girl (a real one) riockin this shit, watch her eyes get wide and her jaw get loose for a man thats more than what he seems on the surface...


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welcome to the big time...spammers are out...that link is corroded sun...your server is across the pond btw

what the fuck? wheres Puffy? lol

man with so much bullshit on the radio all i pretty much listen to is classic rock, real r&b (again classic, not 95% of todays bullshit) and my music collection which is probably 95% hiphop.


thats how it used to be. closed mindedness can never stimulate creativity. i guess that explains a lot about these dudes now a days...

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