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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bboy Salute: The Millennium Falcon

who needs rims?

i dare one of yall to act like you wasnt wit it! Star Wars???? Whatt????? man, there wasnt a cooler movie for years, sun, like 20, that could fuck wit this. seriously. that movie was The Matrix. as an adult, i totally agree with the belief of the Jedi. there really IS a force that exists in center of atoms in smallest particles called quarks that cause these atoms to behave in a certain way, to attract to certain other atoms to make molecules to make substances that make our reality. the force, sun. we used to study it as a dimension of mind called magnetic. hold me $yk! im bout to go in on 'em!

there was also a portion of my adulthood that i believed in the religion of Han Solo as well. i wouldnt move if it wadnt for profit. now, i'll barter witchu. back then? if we had to make the run, i need a reliable pistol, a raw, down ass nigga who didnt cut his hair, usually a dread (what up $yk!), and a fly ass whip. i think all of that stemmed from this shit right here.

my mom couldnt afford one of these. so i made one out of cardboard,
popsicle sticks n plastic.  tru story.
you aint have one of these? i bet u wanted one. and i dont care what universe, what sector of the motherfuckin galaxy, there aint a spaceship flyer than the Falcon. even tho them joints Starbuck n Apollo used to whip was the ill shit (complete with the helmets that paid homage to the original man), they still cant compete. dont talk about no x wing fighter, no Micronauts, go to hell wit the Enterprise, the joint wit the wave motion gunn (altho that jawn WAS tuff!), Gam n his dad, Padmay's platinum space rider, NONE of that shit is fuckin with the fastest ship in the galaxy.

on some real shit, i be thinkin that the background to this site is really
me n $yk comin in from the Delta quadrant and i took a picture before we landed....
seriously... we MUST use hyperdrive... we light years ahead of these other bloggers...




to this day I don't think people picked up the jewels...too busy watching the effects...

* adjusts MF die-cast model *

i used to love them toys, all of them. what couldnt afford, i stole. sorry Mr. Lucas... but its the truth anyhow...

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