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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bboy Salute: The Slow Drag

there used to be a time when you could go to a spot n hear some new music, cause the DJ used to break the records, not the program director at the radio station. the dj used to put on a show for you, cause he always had an emcee that he travelled with, who would rap. then he'd have a moment when he would just cut it up for you. in the world of music, this is called a solo, and i'd rather call it that cause djs were musicians of a different sort. the in the middle of all of this, THIS SONG WOULD COME ON.....

...and IT WAS ON! the chick u was talkin to could possibly turn out to be a jawn u could smash that night dependin on how this part of the night went. this part of the party gave you a chance to feel the goods, and it sometimes let you knew who was diggin you if u aint catch all the signs. i remember dancin wit a couple jawns in the party that i was just cool wit, and after we danced, things changed a lil bit. c'mon, i am not the only dude whos been thru this. i know for a fact some fly dudes catch up with this site quite regularly. yall just too cool to comment. aint that right C-TROY? NAWDY? KENES? and all yall know when yall aint want to sweat all crazy in the spot, this gave yall cool niggas a chance to ease up on somethin in a cool way. only one other song can mess 'Always n Forever". i mean as far as being the one that NO GIRL CAN SAY NO TO...

and i mean NO girl of any age will say no to swayin to this. hope ur cologne aint all gone. cause this will  make the Asians, the Indians, Puerto Ricans, black girls, white girls, Caribbean girls, good girls, smuts, Martians, ur momma, ALL down to slow drag.... and they will dance to the WHOLE song. wait, i might be a lil wrong about that. your momma will NOT say no to this...

dont get mad cause yall dont have shit like this, yungbbaw. make it a point to get on point. i aint tryin to make it like what yall do aint fly. im just tryin to give u some game. cause they say game recognize game... i guess thats why some of yall cant see me...


The slow dance does still exist. Went to a lil jazz review spot last night. One of those restuarants that doubles as a lil after hours lounge type joints. Grown and Sexy dress code and folks was slow dancin. So I guess it boils down to what kind of spot you fall in.

We know what's going on and we know that the PEAR is RICE.
The EWS are plentiful but they're the TEXAN SENATORS in all their COCHEAT and COCTU and that's with MITT.
So,SAPOP they HO and SALUOTE , we got.
DISCHYDO to DESTRUMP got more problems coming around the bend with DATIL.
And HEVENER'S the one with EXPLOSIVES?

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