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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bgirl Fresh: Aigner

i could not find a picture of the sneakers. the girls used to be so fly in these...

if u used to date a fly chick, then u probably heard of this by default. fly girls was wearin the bags, some clothing and especially the sneaks that this designer made. as i recall, they was a cream color and they was tuff. there was a girl in my brother's class who was gorgeous, and fly, and of course i fucked up on her. but she used to rock shit like this. she was a SouthWest Philly thorobred redbone. that used to be a special breed of woman all its own, and i've travelled enuff to make a fair assesment. and they dont exist no more.

the ladies used to be neat in their appearance and well taken care of. while i see that now adays, these lil chicks b loud and unruly, tryin to be gangster. girls back those times was tryin to be thoro. and they did the damn thing. shout out Overbrook High. 

ladies need to get back to that. it seems yall wanna dress like strippers and blame us for treatin u like it...

get fresh.

bgirl fresh.

bboy cult.


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wrong posting

* puts down blunt *

the chicks I knew couldn't afford Aigner...keeping it 100, they couldn't afford me...couldn't even get a Klondike bar outta them on a hot summer day...

lol! that was that sididdy shit! only the fly girls rocked that shit! lol

klondike on a hot summer's day... you a mess...

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