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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bgirl Fresh: Door Knockers

  i mean, shit, all thru this little run thru time i been mentionin these, why not go there? big, hollow, overpriced, but still fly as shit was the door knockers, also known as bamboo earings. i heard door knockers more in NY and Bamboo more in Philly. it didnt matter where. the ladies always looked right in these. jeans or skirt didnt really make a difference. it was always fresh.

look at gorgeous. rockin the bamboos wit the name in the middle. all bgirl n shit. on the red carpet no doubt. see thats what im sayn. style is better than trend. style will look tomorrow or 20 years from now. just like she probly will. look at her skin. its so brown. its so fresh.

bgirl fresh.

bboy cult.


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