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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bgirl Fresh: Laura Biagiatti

only the flyest chicks rocked these...

the other day i dropped the post about the EK's. my man RASAD saw it on Facebook and immediately shouted these out. and it didnt surprise me that he knew the deal. cause of u ever messed with fly girls, you saw they style. you know these things.

this used to be the route for the ladies without a shadow of a doubt. these wit the bob cut, the door knockers, the shearlings, turtleneck underneath with some stone wash Guess. to quote Edith Bunker, those were the days.

id also like to point out that these low rise jeans u black n Latino women are wearin is totally destroyin the ass factor. yall used to look better in those full rise denims. cause yall got the ass to fill em. not being crude. thats just real talk.

today i saw a female in some sweats with some oversized AF1s and the ugliest, brightest shirt in the world. n she was cute. in the face. i mean, females got ol heads too. go holla at 'em. ask them how they used to get fresh.

bgirl fresh.

bboy cult.


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