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Monday, August 15, 2011

Branding Like a Muh Fu¢_a...

white girl mob?
 its a different day and time, homeboy. i always be a lil caught off guard from where i see white people now a days. and sometimes im impressed at the heart it takes to b where i see em. other times im really doin the knowledge like, this aint the hood that it used to be either. a lot done changed since the crack game. even a lot of peoples addresses.

all this talk about V-Nasty got me thinkin, like, is it really ok to drop the dreaded N-Word out the mouths of the white folk? but then i couldnt help but notice all of the other shit we done sold em. obviously in the process, a disclaimer wasnt clearly printed on the label.

KRS One once rapped that "now we got white kids callin theyselves niggas". so we been up on the phenomena. the thing is that now its open and pronounced and more mainstream than it was before. but, if u had a White Mike in your neighborhood (and for some reason he always Irish), then 9 out a dime he called you nigga and black women bitches all day passin u weed n beer. i mean, if it didnt make u offended then, why would it make you that way when u hear it on wax? me, i'm Indian and African (black); i aint tryin to hear too much about how oppressed you are. my folks tryn to stay a distinct people ON THE PLANET. it aint touchin me all deep. but if she grew up in that hood for real, aint she prone to the same customs? u dont think Tarzan got the pass to say deroggatory ape shit?

but the thing is, we sold this shit to em. i mean, we done marketed niggadom so good, that they movin in the neighborhood wit us in large numbers now. im glad to see em come. they bring the property value up. niggadom is comfortable now, cause we done explained it in so many ways. and u dont think some of that comfort came from being behind closed doors sayin nigga-nigga-nigga in the songs YOU wrote? i mean, if u read a map, you feel confident u can find your way, right? even if u never been there, right? feel what im sayin? now, it's cool to be a nigga. i say, we pat ourselves on the back for actually executing the greatest image correcting public relations campaign in history. we took what was once meant to be the bottom of the barrel to mean the cream of the crop. and everybody around the world wants to be US. cream rises to the top, baby.

any word can be made derogatory. 'this dude is a COP'.  'you're a LAWYER?' 'you're an 'EMPLOYEE' that position' (thats one i use regularly with people in stores n shit that act too uppity). so anybody still sayn nigga in a fuckd up way still needs to catch an ass whoopin. you knowit when u hear it. it sounds like i spell it now... NIGGER! it even looks rawer than nigga in print. and anyone who doesnt whoop some ass behind that, is fuckd up for lettin it happen. know what i mean, BROTHER? i mean, NYPD, LAPD, and all the PD's in between can DO whatever they want to to you. they just can't SAY what they want to, right?

i heard David Banner say that because he from Mississippi, that he never wanna hear nobody white say nigga to him. but i wonder how many times he stopped his show to stop them from singin along wit him while HE say nigga. i mean, me personally, i dont understand why anyone would want anybody to stop sayin it. cause i say u can tell alot about the mothafucka sayn it just from the way he say it. and when u see a muhfucka scared to say it, u should say to urself, "why is he scared to say it?" what is he scared gonna slip out of his past? out of his real personal beliefs? i dont think nobody, Latino or Jews included, should wanna see people stop using hate language. why wouldnt you want the racial hater to expose theyself? shit, i wanna see whos EXACTLY in the crowd. you wanna drive em indoors where you cant see em? thats smart? one of my favorite shows is Bill Maher's joint, "Real Time" on HBO. and the baw, who is white, says nigga whenever he feels its appropriate. theres never a scandal wit him. i never feel offended. when he says it, it never has no bite to it. but D. Banner dont want white folk to say it so.... you can own the oppression? you want it? you can have it...

healing is about letting shit go.

thats why i chose the photo above. its an obvious caricature of what we are. its only obvious cause its on display. lookin at these silly white bitches is funny. and its only funny...

...cause we can SEE it.

now air it out...

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