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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Time is Tickin away! the folks at Coca-Cola wanna see your moves!

this is a promotional campaign thats being run by Coke Zero to find who has a real ill dance. they wanna see what people come up with. you can get more info on that from the video.

now this is my take on it....

they're not billing this as a contest, and i'll bet u it's for some legal reason. let's say one of you go buckwild doin your dance, u get hurt, and try to name them in a suit, claiming that your hurt because they pushed you into it. ay man, we've all seen that lady successfully sue McDonalds, for BIG money, for her sipping the coffee hot coffee that they advertise as being hot. so i may not be too far off base.

but this is Coca Cola people! do you honestly think there is no opportunity in being chosen by this company? do you think this company, who has annual earnings greater than most COUNTRIES on the planet can't get you noticed? do you think if you made the song that the dance goes along with, that it couldn't possibly wind up in whatever else this is promotion is leading to? do you think a company like COCA COLA would do something just for kicks? and have a MOVIE DIRECTOR of 2 popular DANCE movies involved? hmm? ok, now that that's settled, this is the part where i inform you that you owe me a percentage of whatever comes out of this for you. what? this is called 'consulting' in the business world. and i want MY CUT. nah, just kidding...

but watch the video again to see what you missed the first time.

and submit ur video here.

if not connected for some reason, go to


Sponsored By Coca-Cola Zero.


Is a great coca cola campaign , I am loving it.

i enjoyed working on it greatly. thanks for stopping thru and please excuse my late response. i appreciate you stopping thru.

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