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Sunday, August 28, 2011

He's One of Us!

i may not be the biggest fan of his music, especially his major label shit. i mean, the mixtapes was WAY better. he got a couple of songs thats real forward and creative on them (i think it's the Airplanes joint), and hopefully he gets back to that, so he can show the world that he really got talent. but when i saw this, i knew right away, that the baw is no poser.

we do a lot of shit similar. except i got to get with the filter. never did that. but thats part of the ritual now. and i dont really like paper. i do leaves, harder to roll, but easier on the throat, and MUCH better taste. but i'd do the rice paper before i do the tobacco paper. i mean some of that paper looks like strait up brown paper bags. i'd do tobacco leaf before tobacco paper. that shit is awful, and i really think thats where that crazy coughin shit comes from. try a leaf next time and watch how much you DONT cough.

i know baw has to be a lil upset at how soooo many dudes done copied his style. i mean, these dudes just smoke weed. they dont live the lifestyle. and i think thats what most of these dudes dont understand. like u can drink wine with dinner, but can you identify the bouquet? see what i'm sayin? i saw a vid of him and Waka Flocka, and Waka was lost. but they all wanna make it seem like they really in it cause he done touched a nerve. just like these dudes with  skateboardin. but already spoke on that.

whether you bang wit him or not (give his mixtape shit a try... you might be surprised), baw is DEFINITELY one of us.

now *cough, cough* air it out... and pass me that bowl of peaches...


Like the new digs. Some times less is more.

Back when I was smoking. I switched to papers thanks to this guy and Curren$y. I like using TOP papers. They come in small squares but you can put 4 together and make a J as long as a blunt and they burn slow. Not sure why the need for a filter.

If I must smoke a blunt I use White Owl's (the ones that come packaged in the shiny foil) I will never smoke a Swisher, Phillie, Optimo or Dutch again.

thanks dude. i thought i should clean it up a lil bit. numbers went up with no new content. i think it was a good idea.

and the filter gets us down to '0' my dude! AND i bet its a nice steady stream of steam.

green Dutch is official issue. if u can roll that is. that leaf will get away from a poser real quick. if u cant, dont.

your right. forgot about the green dutchs those and white owls and thats it

green dutch- brown paper= excellent flavor

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