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Sunday, August 28, 2011

High At Most Fear

last night, i was coming from the studio when the hurricane started touchin Philly. i made sure i went thru the buildin makin sure wires n shit was off the floor, takin power lines out of the wall and cappin the electrical sockets. shit, i even took my computers off the floor. 2 Mac G5's? fuck that... i saw a piece of corn in the ash tray and wondered if i should torch that before i left...

when i went out into the storm i was like, 'this aint shit. they always make too much of things.' til i bent the corner and felt that 50mph steady rush of air. then i laughed out loud and was like, 'i'm glad i touched that!' a lil smoke can turn shit into an adventure, y'know what i'm sayin, Cap? and i was on one.

first i was like i'm on my man in nature joint. Survival Series! i thought of all that cool hi tech shit we used to sport and i was like 'that Columbia shell would come in handy right about now. fuck this umbrella'. but i kept pushin. i noticed the tow trucks just sittin there, every coupla blocks. then i had to give them they dap for knowin they hustle. they knew it was bound to get messy. they was gone stay out there thru it and get they money. gots to respect the hustle.

but then i thought about how terrifying this must of been to ancient man. this swirlin wind, the accumulation of clouds, the disappearance of the sun and the moon. it made me see why they would look up at the sun and worship it, cause it looks like the sun set order to the chaos of the storm. it easily looks like the sun had defeated the evil spirit that caused the storm, dried up the sky, pushed back the veil of heaven and rescued mankind. so to thank the sun would've been natural in that circumstance. i mean, tonight, somebody's gonna be very thankful to the tow truck dude. the right tow trucker might get shown that appreciation by some female who might feel turned on by being rescued. or by the one who may be a lil short on cash. half full, half empty, you pick a glass...

it made me think how knowledge really is power. there's a whole lot of comfort knowing that its only atmospheric pressure and not the angry wrath of some jealous god. we dont have to make no penance, or sacrifice the town virgin (well...). we dont have to seek the bishop's blessing or a shaman's token. all we got to do is batten down the hatches and ride it out. knowledge is always the best place to start. 

it always amazes me when i hear people still adhere to that ancient ideology. i mean, this reality needs some sort of definition, right? i say why lean on the old one? i mean, how can someone think that its absurd that the sun god, the sphere in the sky, that is present and participating in the sustenance of life, is a foolish object of worship, but that a man hiding in the sky, throwin fits of jealous rage is a FAR more logical option? that dont sound like god. that sounds like Perez Hilton. i mean, there is so much more to explore in this universe. i mean, just this week, Australian astronomers discovered a planet that may be made of DIAMOND. the whole thing! they also 'discovered' a brown dwarf star that was cool enough for us to walk on! it was a STAR that had an average temperature of 80ยบ! (Niburu?) what i'm sayin is, if u say you have all of the answers already, then how do you account for this stuff? i mean if creation is finished, why is this a reality that is in a constant state of evolution? but didnt evolve from anything? you didnt evolve from a tadpole in water into a creature that walks on land? thats like saying that a pattern of numbers that you started noticing at 86, then 88, 90, 92 and 94 couldnt have started with the number 2. no shit. and thats why math aids in studying this reality so well. cause when it's all said and done, the mathematical reservation for X (unknown) becomes appropriate and extremely wise. it is wise to add into the equation the simple fact that, when it comes to some things, you just simply don't know. 

like, what i didnt know is that the transit system is also set up on a military rank system. civilian transit! they have commanding officers, who wore civil military uniforms, like white shirt police officers, and are CAPTAINS. they have lieutenants and a full rank and file. they even used paramilitary language to send their transmissions across their system. bugged me out. so much is being militarized in our society today. it looks as if it will be easy for 1 person to call the shots. i mean, u do know that state and local enforcement all answer to FEMA and Homeland Security, right? you ever heard the emergency broadcast system test? how often do you remember hearing it? once in a while, right, watchin late night episodes of of Soul Train, right? ask yourself how often do you hear them test it these days? i heard it almost everday for the last 2 weeks, and it caught my attention one day, like what are they preparin for? then an earthquake, then a hurricane. hope u like the sounds of a HAARP. it looks like this on the surface. it seems somebody's pulling the strings. 

or not.

it could be some other more logical explanation, like the man in the sky is gettin ready to come back to rule the entire universe from on this planet. physically. cause the astral body, y'know the one that allows him to move between dimensions easily, is well, out this season. cause i mean, everyone knows that the view of the cosmos is unmatched in this quadrant. S&P has downgraded the planet from prime real estate to quaint fixer upper, due to the malfunctioning septic system (polluted waters), the vanishing air filtration system (the rain forest) and the hole in roof (the ozone layer).  he's gonna bypass the Diamond planet to rule the cosmos from this shit hole.

wouldn't you?

i saw a lady praying earlier. then i saw a lady, a black woman with all grey hair standin on the edge of the platform with her face toward the gale. she looked like what Storm from X-Men might look like at 55, 60. it struck me, the difference in attitude between the two. one was terrified. the other looked as if she was accepting her place in nature. like she looked forward to the cleansing. or at least thats what i saw. and maybe you would too, if your "I" is open. it was then that i thought, 'damn, that was some good weed'.

i really wanted to tell the other lady, that if she wanted to send a message into the atmosphere, use the cell phone and start planning a retreat to higher ground. not now. in days to come. and if she did get thru to the Perez Hilton in the Romulan galaxy, or wherever he is up there, tell him to just punch Will.I.Am. the face, and leave us the fuck alone already...


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