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Thursday, August 11, 2011

i bet they missin the drug game now

its raining fear! these mothafuckas is scared! the markets takes a dip, then gets back up, to slide a lil bit. they out there playin wit it. they out there bettin that this thing will recover. a lot of money is bettin on the fact that the thing will FAIL.

all i hear is all these people talkin bout how hard the economy is, but Wayne and Drake gettin it in the mills (thought i was goin somewhere else?) ... officer Ricky saw close to 6 million dollars this past year. Shoulder Boy (the nigga skinny, yo) buyn jets. (im sure its financed. but its still a JET.) its money out here somewhere. and as usual its all about where u pitch ur tent, and where you start diggin. back in the day i used to pitch my tent on the corners. we used to eat, mayne.

all of this made me think about how much of an impact we used to have on the economy. nobody stops to think that all this credit they give Reagan should go to Oliver North n them for droppin aww dat coke in the hood. i mean, we used to eat at the neighborhood spots (the good ones. shout out Freddy n Tony's), n shop at the local shops. shit, some of us used to buy clothes everyday, if not almost everyday, and then at least a couple times a week. the car lots loved us (we wasnt hip to credit. niggas BOUGHT cars them times), landlords loved us. we rented car garages, apartments, sometimes rented apartments for side jawn and everything. we bought houses and other real estate (hair salons for the wifey, and to help clean up the money, neighborhood bars- shout out Ed Lover, barber shops, etc.). we stayed with steaks n lobsters in the fridge (specially me cause i used to take food stamps all day. shiiiiiit...). we bought massive amounts of toys for our seeds for Xmas and birthdays, rented dancehalls and clubs for celebrations and birthdays, banquet halls for sweet 16s. dont even start on jewelry. we over-payed for that. and didnt give a fuck. we paid top dollar for car audio and the install guys. custom paint jobs, double rear axles (shout out to Gus, 6th n Eerie), cars with hydraulics and redone interiors. we bought furniture, dining sets, big tvs, VCRs (thats was hi tech then), cell phones, pagers, video games.
we bought all that shit from people WHO WERE NOT DRUG DEALERS. so it seems a lot of people besides us ate off of the drug game. but we the only ones that went to jail for it.

i know its a lot of vendors out there who remember. i watched a lot of em go out of business when we did. they never thanked us for makin them rich. all they did was talk about how drugs in the community needed to stop. but they never stopped takin our money.

im not advocating that dudes should sell drugs again. thats silly. its not a good business anymore. the risk doesnt meet the return. what im sayin is, in the midst of all this mess, all of this uncertainty....

i bet they miss us.

now air it out...


to bad cats didnt invest in pharmacueticals. the medical field in general will sell you your illness, then sell you the medicine for it. Now thats cut throat.

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