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Thursday, August 4, 2011

In The Crates: Who Used This?

classic shit. and dude is an all time legend. they just dont come like this no more. not soundin this much like a man. baw sang, "i swear by my blood, one day your heartache will stop". damn! thats some real man shit. tragic life. come to think of it, his life would make an ill biopic. $yk, we might have to start takin some script writin classes. shit, my oldheads in Cali now... (shout out CEE67)...


come on bro you gotta mix it up this another sample Kanye used on Blueprint.

lol! i know. i really didnt plan it that way. but its a GREAT song. no?

and for the record, Just did the other one. gets ur facts strait 'fore u go checkin somebody!=)

just fuckin witcha homie... $yk stole my next joint, the RAMP joint. u seen his site? sun post some real ill music.

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