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Thursday, August 11, 2011

In The Crates: Who used this?

this for the homie DV. made me feel bad last time when i dropped the last selection, like i wasnt diggn. ok, homie, lets see how deep the hip hop knowledge run, since u seem to be a knowledgeable brotha. 2 right answers. ready and.....GO!


got me on that one, but I could hear Ghostface and/or Redman killing that track as is

It's Kanye. He slowed the drums down but I can't figure out who's joint it is! I can hear the piano he put over it and I can mumble the hook. FUCK! What is it? *this is gonna drive me crazy*

aha! gotcha!

1st is the drum break which was used on the Jungle Brother's 2nd album, the track Red Black n Green. if Kanye used it im totally unawares. thats highly likely as he pays Native Tounges homage all the time.

2nd is the guitar wah that was used in K-Solo's 'Spellbound'. the guitar wah thats u can hear in the right speaker. its easy to separate stereo channels.

no points...

Damn it! My brother told me it was a Jungle Brothers joint and I brushed him off. So I gets to google-ing and it's definitely the Jungle Brothers (you picked a hard joint to figure out). It also goes on to say Kanye used it in Slum Village's "Selfish" and "The People" by Common.

To keep it 100, I was humming the chorus to Selfish but couldn't figure it out and be positive about it. No idea it was used in Common's joint. And I could punch myself in the face for not catching Spellbound in there, I listened to the shit out of that K-Solo album.
*Your mom's in my business* lol

dam, i missed those two. but ur absolutely right.

ay man, i cant make it easy for yall. u n DV are real bboys, real participants in the culture. i gotta dig deep. and look, i learn some shit in the process.

but u gpot to give it to Kanye for taking break beats to the mainstream. its really how the culture should b. responsible to the culture, but on a larger level. creativity doesnt have to suffer in the face of commerce.

i got some more comin atcha! stay tuned...

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