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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sattelite Feed: Meyhem Lauren

if u ever visit Dallas Penn's site, i'm sure you've seen dude on there once or twice. i got familiar with him cause i mastered the Infamous mag mixtape which featured this joint right here. yall know i'm real bboy, so the graff shit had me from 1st of all. the trak is some strait classic hip hop shit. sun is from Queens and from what i hear is an official Lo-Life. it's only one way to claim that title. and u should know by now.

this joint with Maffew Ragazino is ill. Maff gets ill wit the lyrics, and seems like he gets Meyhem to up the ante with his verse on this which is one of his best. all of this is classic New York flavor, not swag, which is what New York should safeguard and keep alive and consistent. i mean, Queens got 2 million people in it by itself. they could support artists very well locally (including the tri-state), if they would just learn to love what it is they do. but it seems sometimes that the originators bore of their own creations. and in the quest to create newness, sometimes forget tradition. Meyhem is an example of tradition being carried respectfully and honorably. on all fronts. check out the rest of his shit.


meyhem lauren


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