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Saturday, August 6, 2011

One way Ticket!

this some funny shit! and even tho i would never wish jail on nobody, i can, as a single dad with no help from my daugher's mother side (i dont need it. but thats the shit that women spend all day callin men triflin over. and they all women...), i dont feel no remorse for none of 'em. i was glad that they had the female on the list to show it wasnt a bias. cause when i was goin thru processes to get my daughter squared away, people was lookin at me funny cause i was a MAN takin the proper measures against a woman (maybe i should say female) that ran out on her daughter for a year, the FIRST year of her life. (my daughter is almost 3.) like i shoulda beat her ass or somethin instead of doin the right thing. well it was good to see them slap them cuffs on a chick. it seems like they always just down on the fellas.

anyways, this shit was funny...

and shout out to my sister, Mary, who is ALWAYS there for me and my daughter. she's every bit the woman that my mother was.


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