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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Plugged IN (Out?)

i was thinkin the other day that its amazing the power of perception. depending where you are on which side of that coin, it can be healthy or down right deadly. for the dudes in the rap game, its absolutely necessary that they see themselves in a particular light. cause if the get exposed under another light, you bound to see some stains that you never noticed before.

so i started thinkin that maybe a portion of that has to do where they're plugged into the Matrix. yes another Matrix reference. fuck you. but its appropriate. i mean seriously, wherever people are plugged into is how they perceive themselves. just like the movie. its not really real.

lets take Ross, for a minute. the baw, who was once a corrections officer, is really sold on the idea of being a big drug kingpin. and somewhere it computes in his brain that its true. or that its nearly true at least. Wayne too. they both got a song out now called "9 piece", which anybody on the streets knows is a quarter key. thats a respectable place to be in the game. its somewhere between large and past the niggas you started out wit. in Ricky's case, we can say that he is also responsible for a lot of people takin more notice to lyrics from the baws on that side. they used to get a pass, till dudes like him, Wayne and OGs Bun B and MJG showed that dudes from that side could put it together. he even put on Meek Mill and Wale to kind of seal that whole idea of the spit team. but his emphasis isnt this. his emphasis is the fantasy, and at every turn her wants to further solidify it in your brain that he is from a place that he is not. the Matrix baby.

then take dudes like Common and Immortal Technique who obviously pulled they plugs out long ago. they go back into the Matrix to conduct business and do dealings, but we always get the understanding that they are apart from it.

who the fuck knows where Nikki Minaj is plugged in at. it has to be a greater accomplishment being a woman and being able to unplug because of all the admitted confusion (read:"prerogative") that women SAY they are programed with. i salute the Mystics and (young) Lauryn Hills and Jill Scotts who have seemingly chose the red pill.

in each case, each has to believe that their place is where it is. they have to reinforce it to themselves in order to be effective with the rest of the world. if u dont believe that ur "that guy", then no one else will. this is also a problem with the 'swag' generation. they believe that they're that guy with no adequate reinforcement outside of themselves. in other words, it aint real unless we all see it. thats why they stay amongst themselves, and anyone outside of that is a 'hater'. might as well call 'em a 'squiddy'. cause in their mind they're comin to try to destroy them. and all said person is tryin to point out is what can make them BETTER. they even wear bright cartoon colors and plastic things to further ingrain the unreal notion of themselves. they just might as well start wearing Batman "BLAM!" tshirts. shit, i might start sellin 'em. operator, i need a clean line. i'm goin back in....

i guess thats where we come in. this apostate belief, this bboy cult. this belief that style is infinite and that the brave claim glory in it. that the competition of this style is not destructive; it is the only way for the style to grow. that following a perspective based on individual identity, and not the identity of the crowd is key to growth of the market, the style, the form. the ART. we believe in the beauty of craftsmanship, and are not afraid to give acknowledgement to those that deserve it.

AND we look dam good doin it. get unplugged.

get fresh.

bboy fresh.

bboy cult.


"that following a perspective based on individual identity, and not the {IDENTITY OF THE CROWD} is key to growth of the market, the style, the form. the ART."




Where I'M from...alotta these cats were INSIDE comfy & dreaming while we were OUTSIDE at night doing/living it, and now these "Cottoneller's" wanna be "ambassadors" with their "pudding pop" style of thinking.

Just remember that MLK was "diplomatic" too and still got popped...just like the aggressive ones...Huey, Malcolm, Clarence...


I got love for C75B...but this comment is a PROBLEM...

"Truthfully fans just turned their back on her after that and only thing that was gonna get her back is music. Hip Hop like Mr. Grands said doesn’t live by merits. Your last hit was your last hit unless they really want to hear from you. Other than that, It’s out with old in with the new, especially if she’s being courted and is collaborating with major players in the game. Being a pioneer is only gonna get you so far in TODAYS MARKET. This ain’t the 80′s where an Old School emcee like Kool Moe Dee can comeback and make waves battling the new Hot Emcee. Nowadays the majority of fans are not gonna care even if they really don’t like her ass – musically that is."

^ this sentiment is what I was taught by "the man" when he was trying to "school" me. Basically "let the deaf, dumb and blind who deal with emotions determine what you do, regardless of your accomplishments".

A "slavery was long ago. according to me it never happened and has no merit on what happens now", while they're calling a Blackman "tar baby" and their seeds have resorted back to saying "nigga(er)". And cats are OK with it...

Did y'all ever see a Blackman draw arms at a presidential debate or town meeting before Obama? Or are you co-signing that amendment that states the right to bear arms WHEN YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS TO BEAR ARMS IN YOUR MAJOR CITIES.

don't worry guys, after next year I'm retiring. You won't have to worry about me. Worry about what will be done if BO gets a 2nd term, and WHAT WILL BE DONE if he doesn't.

I have plenty of music in my memory banks to keep me going.


the homie Grands posted and i dont see nothin! well, i got it from the email. i hope he aint erase it. thats crew. he got the right to drop anything here.


Matrix referecences never get old because the future is here. Cats don't have to stay plugged in at all times, but those that aren't interfacing will surely be left behind.

and DAMN homie! u went IN!!!!

you know I aint darting up the homies. But this thing ie REAL, they're trying to minimalize it. Like what Chuck D said was "entertainment". When Ra was building it was "entertainment". When De La and them were aware, "it wasn't real, all rap is entertainment".

And dudes ain't speaking up, they letting it ride because of what's popular. That "let it ride" sentiment destroyed OUR industry.

Do I need to blog about "Why Caucasians are getting signed while niggas ain't?"

While that white mob broad gotta milli to roll and gets major press while we shrug, we wanna snap & laugh about Wale, Meek, Stalley, Gibbs, and more signed to other rappers instead of labels, and won't say a thing?

Wake up guys, there's graffiti on the wall

drop that!!!! that'll b ill for the book...(*sly lil grin*)

i know C-Black took it the right way...(II)

what i think we should start workin on is a place where we can aggregate like minded individuals. people who want to see innovative, refreshing music. and the lifestyle that compliments it.

start a community here, complete wit profiles. or maybe a Facebook group. shit, that might be solid. we could touch a lot of folks. make it so that each person has to add 10 people or so to join the group. then they could put that music in front of a community people we hope will find value in it. there's Ning networks,all kind of shit to consider...

Facebook might be the move... twitter connectivity is built in...

I(eye) c(understand) the type Cult...

been trying to inform cats...let 'em see the passion...real recognize real...

but I do the 1...

u ain't gotta listen to me...but you gonna hear what I'm sayin...


1 more...1 more...

* realizes C75B threw the bait *

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