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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Strike A Pose®

i'm a graffiti writer. a real one. i went to the top of the game in Philly and am considered one of the all time best here. i didnt say that to prop myself. only to say that when i speak on alternative culture, i come from an informed place. a lot of the graff writers were also avid skaters and the worlds overlapped seamlessly. now in North Philly, you have to understand that a lot of the graff writers during a certain period were all street dudes. if u met a drug dealer on the street and asked him his name, he'd tell you the name he tagged on the walls. the corners and the drug crews were also well know graff writers. ATT, FAN 1, TUK(where i'm from), DSP, OKC, all that. i mean major shit. my man Chicago (bless the dead) was a part of an organization that grossed a million dollars a month, on 3rd n Diamond St. but he was an all city graff writer, subway tunnels and all. this North Philly life is special, mayn.

from fuckin wit the skaters, i know that they was all about skatin the streets, gettin chased by security and in some instances the cops and skatin and doin the illest tricks in the illest spots. they had they skate parks n what have you, but the best ones was the ones they made theyselves or one of they weed/shroom/acid sellin homeboys made. they fucked with real hip hop, punk, rock (none of that hair band shit) and funk. shit, it was a white dude who turned me on to Paliament. not Parliament/Funkadelic, cause thats different. i mean that Cosmic Slop shit. (shout out to Espo). and they absolutely despised wannabes of any type. specially those that tried to claim skater without no real experience in the streets, thrashin and grindin. they called them posers.

look at this dude....
this is the same dude who was wit Katie Couric claimin gangsta last year. "I'm a gangsta Ms. Katie!" its all about drugs n guns. this year, he's on skateboards and wearin skate clothes. where's the soo woo and all that? i remember this one dude who i was on federal hold in the county with from LA had told me what that LA is like. he was tellin me at that time ('94) that the gang shit wasnt like the old school shit, n that in some instances, tho it was rare then, that the colors blended. then when i saw 40 Glocc gettin at Wayne talkin bout 'look at this nigga stirrin up shit', n he went on to say how they worked hard out there to bring that bangin on colors shit to a minimum, (maybe my man Tony Grands can speak on it), i understand what he meant, cause i heard a real LA g speak on it years earlier. (shout out my man. cant remember his name. we used to call him LA. what else?) and when Wayne was confronted by a Crip, ready to bang, he stayed in the truck. i know yall saw the video on YouTube. POSER. they always fuckin up shit this way.

what im surprised by is that i dont (and admittedly didnt put much research in) hear many of the hardcore skaters speakin out on this shit. i mean, i saw Jadakiss wit a skateboard, and i laughed myself silly. i mean these dudes lookin to infiltrate markets. they will put them boards down when its not hot anymore. me n my graff crew, WAB 1, basically brought graffiti out of obscurity in Philly. we was gettin so busy when nobody else was, that we brought the whole scene back to the forefront. so i dont see why real skaters aint speakin on it. i mean on one hand it helps the skate culture grow. but does it need to grow like that? a SKATER cant help the skate culture grow? i have no doubt that Pharrell was really a skate dude. he looks like one without tryin. but these dudes nowadays are all tryin to dress like Travis Barker! i mean, they really geein his whole style! and it's cool? so they can do this to you?
sell you shit that YOU should be sellin to them?

as a person who put the time in in this street culture, as an active participant and one in the crowd, i could never disrespect the skate world, the punk rockers, the dub world or none of that tryin to be that just cause its popular. i like skaters, (i still rock SB dunks. nigga be drugged in the hood when i come thru) always did, but u wont catch my fat ass tryin to do no aerials or no lip tricks. i like punk shit. my friend Santigold started out doin strait punk. but i aint rockin spikes n Doc Martins. i LOVE dub. shit, im down wit everything associated wit that. id probably do my spin on all these things as a tribute to them. but i'd never try to pretend i was somethin im not. i'm no poser. its one 'l' away from 'loser'.

now air it out...


Bless your heart for spitting this "oh so necessary" vitriol. I was starting to think I was the only one who saw Wayne as being a cock-jockey and jumping from one fad to the next. Dude is like that kid in highschool who came back after every summer vacation with a new persona. It's like the dude ain't comfortable just being HIM and doesn't know who the fuck he's supposed to be. But I guess that comes with calling another man Daddy and open mouth kissing him in pictures. Set trends, don't follow them. Gonna bring 50's terminology back and start calling him WAYNEksta.

"Dude is like that kid in highschool who came back after every summer vacation with a new persona."

lol! i know him!

and might i say, you get an extra 100 points for using an $80 word such as 'vitriol'...

i'll never forget one time blazin with some skaters and I would check out they music collection and they would have nothing but underground shit. Afu-Ra, Jeru, Del the Funkyhomosapien and the rest of Hiero,lyricist lounge type shit.

Like I said before over on Grand$ spot. Wayne aint been Wayne since 500 degreez. He been biting peoples style since then.

oh yes! how could i forget the smoke?!? them boys smoke WELL. i got hip to pipes and bongs from them. well, the word bong. i always knew what a challis was.

and u right. them boys b major con-a-sewers on some hip hop shit. they will pull out some shit on you, like 'ill!', what is THAT?

and they BUY it.

Ha! I may not always be eloquent or erudite, but my vocab game is on point.

y'all should have seen the poser in Wayne once he went from the Heat to the Mavs.

But over here, them skaters ain't backpackers.

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